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Alpha Black lived up to his name. Ruthless, manipulative, and possessive. The werewolf King that no one dares to question. His command is final, his words unchangeable. One of the blood siblings and a ruler of kings. Hide your weapons, Alpha Black is coming! Update is every Wednessday. 0 reviews
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In a world where the werewolves ruled, I was just a human girl.

The human population was like 10 percent of the entire world population, the werewolves were the largest number of creatures that ever graced the earth. Their existence only means one thing for the humans; death. We were considered weak, fragile and above all useless. The wolves are stronger, faster and smarter.

When I was twelve, my parents were murdered in front of my eyes. I can still remember their killers laughing as they tore them into pieces, limb by limb. They made me watch while they raped my brother, insisting that was the only thing he was useful for before killing him. He was 13 years old.

Our parents had tried to hide us for those years, we lived in caves, mountains like the nomads, enduring the cold day and night but still, they found us at the end. The only regret I have was surviving. Why didn’t my parents kill me off once I was born? Why make me go through this pain called life?

Every time I close my eyes, all I hear is my mother’s wailing for help, my father’s grunt as he watched his children being dragged through the rocks by a group of beast and my brother’s cries for freedom. Today isn’t an exception.

“Ah!” I cried out as I felt a sharp pain on my back. I was whipped. I didn’t need to ask who did it, it was the slave master; my slave master.
“Why are your eyes closed, you useless pig?” He yelled. He grabbed a chunk of my hair and pulled me up, the chains that bind my legs and hands rattling in the process.

“Nothing, Master,”
He spat on my face. “If not for my money, I would’ve thrown you into the lion’s den to feed on your flesh and bone. It’ll also be a loss to me because I’ve fed you for ten years and I can’t wait to get my money’s worth. Even if a dog wants you, as long as he has some money, ii wouldn’t mind blessing him with your ass,”

He’s right. I’ve been with him for ten years. He was the man who brought me from my parents’ killers. He has been my master for those years and for ten years, I’ve lived in hell. He feed us like street dogs and beats us if we complain about the food not being enough. There was a time he purchased a collar that would strangle us whenever we acted stubborn but when over five slaves died from the effect of the collar, he stopped using it.

“What happened with the last wolf that bought you?” he spat. I’ve been bought more than five times but I was always returned to my master. The reason why was a mystery to me as well. The man who bought me had beaten me to a pulp before dropping me off at my master’s and that wouldn’t be the first time.

“I don’t know, master,” I answered as my eyes began to sting. He was still holding my hair as if his life depended on it, pulling at my scalp so painfully.

“You better behave and get bought tonight or else, I’ll kill you myself if you’re brought back to me, understood?” I nodded frantically, the tears spilling down my face.

There were times when I wished I could strangle him to death but the one time he caught me staring at me, he pushed his fingers into my eyes, drawing blood. I thought I’d gone blind because I couldn’t open my eyes to see anything. Two days later, I realized I could still see.

“Yes, master,” I whimpered as he dropped my body to the floor. Through the chains that bonded my hand, I struggled to get up to my feet. I had to, no matter how hard it was because if I stalled on the ground, I’ll be affecting the second girl that was bounded to the chain and that’ll affect the third and consecutively till it gets to the last person. I was usually the last person on the line whenever we’re been taken out for an auction or display but today, I was first because my master was so desperate to have me sold.

“I heard some groups of Alphas are attending the auctioning tonight,” My head whipped up at the strange voice. The words came from a lady who was walking by the lobby of the Wolves’ hall that the auctioning was to happen. I turned to stare at the girl behind me and I could see the same fear that I had in her eyes. We were as good as dead. The last time we were auctioned to a group of alphas, they decided to use us as bait to Vampires. They’ve captured that vampires for their entertainment and released them to chase us like preys for his next meal. They all laughed, drank and jubilated as we walked through the shadow of death.

“We’re as good as dead tonight,” The slave girl whispered.
I closed my eyes, convincing myself it’ll take a few minutes of pain before death finally envelope me as I’ve always wanted.

Suddenly, the door was opened and my eyes fluttered opened. My chain was loosened at the leg, allowing me to walk into the hall alongside the girl next to me. A man grabbed my arm and pulled me to the centre of the hall. I held on to the hem of my torn, dirty gown to cover up my nakedness.

“Here are some nice piece of meat, Alphas, why don’t you try to have a taste?” The same man who had pulled us to the stage said. I shivered from the meaning of his words.

“The Alphas get to choose first, don’t they?” Another man asked from the crowd, raising an argument.

“Alpha Denica, you might be in need of a new slave girl,”
“They don’t have dicks, do they?” A female Alpha replied and laughter rang through the room. “I might be interested in the first girl,” I was the first girl she was referring to. I became scared for my life. Male Alphas are terrible but Female Alphas are worse.

Suddenly, an eerie silence descended on the room and soon, murmuring follows. I couldn’t dare to look up and know what the reason for the silence was. If I’m caught looking up at them, I’ll be killed for disrespecting their rules.

‘There you are,’ I frowned. Someone just said that right? But why do I think the voice was in my head.

“I’ll take her,” An intense, thick voice resonated across the room.

“I chose her first,” A female voice that probably belonged to Alpha Denica argued.

“One more word from you, Denica, I’ll have your head hanging from a tree,” The thick voice was closer this time. I could feel his presence right in front of me. Instead of fear, I felt normal.

“Look at me,”

I swallowed hard, torn between following his orders and defying it. Slaves weren’t allowed to look at the wolves’ straight in the eyes.
“Sir,” I asked, scared for his next action. I finally lifted my head to stare at him and I almost lost my breathe. His blue eyes entrapped me and I saw an ocean right in his eyes.

Again, I heard that voice in my head. “Mate,”


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