Histoires de Neveryll

'RESURGENCE' a novel *(B.D) era *DWM* Canon Main Story
A story of a hero brought back unto the living into a world that cries out for a hero.
'The creation of Un-Rest' *(D.A) era *DWM* Canon Prequel of Main Story
Story of the creation of the unholy relic, Un-Rest. Part of the Dream Wysh Madness.
Battle Bridge (D.X) era *DWM* Canon Prequel of Main Story
This tale tells of the strange going-ons at Battle Bridge.
'Dragonslayer' (D.X) era *DWM* Canon Prequel of Main Story
Short tale of how Rone Blackpool won the right to marry Bradamantay.
'Blade vs. Blade' *(D.X) era *DWM* Canon Spinoff
When the Weaponmaster and the Blademaster battle.
The Paradox Prophecies of Neveryll … Canon
These are the Paradox Prophecies concerning Neveryll and the scion that will save this world from an ever encroaching d…
Neveryll *DWM* Canon
This is relevant information concerning the world of Neveryll. This info pertains to the novels and short stories I am …

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Michael Nichols Michael Nichols
This map is a final issue of NewRealm I have been working with since 1983.
February 13, 2023, 20:49