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Inko is a normal boy, Inka is a normal girl, but Katze is not a normal cat; it has the power to create and destroy with the blink of his eyes. Imagined, Surreal Fantasy Partager

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Storyline development, Illustrator, Concept Art, Character design, Backers.

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Cam Roze Cam Roze
I like that we have male and female, however should we not have a representative for our youth writers? Maybe even a dog?
Margarita Lapina Margarita Lapina
Dear Galo Vargas! Thanks for the great characters)) They decorate the platform Inkspired and enrich the imagination. Best regards @LapinaMargarita
February 02, 2022, 19:02
Francisco Rivera Francisco Rivera
Sugerencia: Permitir la traducción al español de los párrafos. ¿Podrían ser más explícitos con los personajes ilustrados y si guardan un contexto latinoamericano o son una referencia mundial? Gracias.
September 24, 2021, 14:35