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Relationship handicap

Lost in this cycle of turnarounds and detours courtesy of our shitty past… I never asked or agreed to this relationship handicap!
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A picture

Histoire non vérifiée Everything becomes more beautiful through the lens of a camera....
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Searching for the light in your dark

Histoire non vérifiée As I read and remember so many years of this pain, it’s almost incredible how you gifted me all of your shame…
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Histoire non vérifiée Time has been no match for all this mess in my head....
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Histoire non vérifiée I think I may lose...
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Her war

Histoire non vérifiée Life hasn't been easy... my soul is trapped in this tornado of madness, this foggy vortex of sadness and it's spinning out of control...
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Histoire non vérifiée Disappointed broken angry and sad guess life isn't all that bad ..
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The Truth in the Book of Lies

Histoire non vérifiée My story, my life, it's been a rough ride, so much truma I have had sometimes I wonder how I am even alive? Why is this happening, At this moment RIGHT NOW?  Is it because so much has been left unsaid overflowing with doubt? I just need this shit o…
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This sadness has just become pure madness… I feel so trapped and alone... Am I lost?
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Alcohol and Adderall

Histoire non vérifiée Alcohol and Adderall stealing my life and hijacking my soul!
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The Book of Lies

Life and relationships, my life is like watching a bad lifetime movie or a scary movie not sure which...
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Faces in the flowers

Histoire non vérifiée IDK 🤨 I just figured why not a picture book of my art? I mean every picture tells its own story. Tell me what you 🤔?
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2020 panic and fear

The funny part about this poem is I actually wrote it before the pandemic even started, I had no idea.
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Walking alone

Histoire non vérifiée You ever felt like you begin a life or a dream with someone you thought was in the same life dream? Then out of nowhere you realize you have really been walking alone on the life dream and your not sure your person will or even wants to catch up? Th…
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Histoire non vérifiée If you're to busy fighting with yourself, you may not see what's reality, when you have people who love and care for you, I fear you may find yourself all alone and completely confused....
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Mental constipation

Confused read something else I've written, then you will understand...
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My fault

Histoire non vérifiée Gaslighting will make you feel crazy.... I've flipped the bored, I've turned off the controller, I’ve cut the cord… no more lives left, I am dropping my sword…
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What the hell?

Histoire non vérifiée So frustrated with wasted time... To old for this shit...
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Histoire non vérifiée Lies only make the liar look stupid!
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Histoire non vérifiée Wishing for changes that probably won't ever happen... Writing out my frustrations.
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Histoire non vérifiée Years of PTSD got me a mess! Working on me even if I gotta do it alone!
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Relationship drama always leaving questions in my mind! why I don't know? And I don't want it anymore!
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Histoire non vérifiée Sometimes I wonder if I had no fear, pain, or sadness if I could even write? This is called Fear not my fear though.
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Are you Listening?

Histoire non vérifiée Poetry brought to you by my sadness and pain...
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Fighting with myself! relationship work is no joke when it's a fight you fight alone ... I don’t know how to change These feeling’s creeping around all the shit that you do…
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Histoire non vérifiée You stomp all over my feelings, making me trip over my sadness, got me all caught up in this never ending madness...
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