Diew Pout Suivre

An author, poet laureate, and motivational writer.💡 https://. Juba , Sudan.
1929 Mots
REJOINT Avr 02, 2021

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Sealed In The Blood Of Love~LessJune

In a world where love becomes toxic, the blood of innocent lovers becomes the seal of all the worst things hidden in the dark. The world hidden within the darkness is never known to the victims. Walk with Evelyn, Caroline, and Timothy as they find o…
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Loving you blind

Histoire non vérifiée Evelyn, Caroline, and Timothy are teens so ambitious to succeed behind the limits. But, life takes a turn when Evelyn got an anonymous letter from an unknown pal. She didn't or wasn't ready to receive a letter with such goodness in it from someone s…
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Light At The Far End

Histoire non vérifiée Poems from the heart, felt by the hearts that were thirsting for lights. A new light to the broken-heartened. Aspiring and inspirational poems for everyone.
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