Isabel L Suivre

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REJOINT Avr 10, 2023
Inko Mid Senior Niveau 2

Mes histoires

The Kiss of Rejection

Histoire non vérifiée A stranger in the club pulls me closer. A little too convinced of himself, a little too confident. This guy is obviously on the hunt. And I am easy prey. Or am I?
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Take My Breath Away

Histoire non vérifiée She is radient, takes my breath away. She is looking at me with a seductive innocence. I cannot resist.
2.4mille vues 4 3 Histoire terminée

The Wish

Histoire non vérifiée “I wish.” With the blink of an eye the world went dark. Time stopped for merely a second, a second that expanded, a second that travelled far, far back.
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Pay it Forward

Histoire non vérifiée “Do not go with strangers” - A common sentence parents tell their children. This a sentence I have heard a million times when I was young. A sentence you should follow. Don’t do what I did. But if you do and it works out, good for you!
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A Fate Of Stone

Histoire non vérifiée Being seen going to the temple is innocent enough. Going below it? Not so much.
2.7mille vues 1 3 Histoire terminée

Lie the heart away

Histoire non vérifiée There are truths that are simple, insignificant even. And then there is the truth of what I feel when I see her. A truth that would cost me everything, leaving me with the wish to lie my heart away.
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Histoire non vérifiée Certain things hold memories. Good ones and bad ones. But what memories outweigh the others?
2.7mille vues 7 4 Histoire terminée

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