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Mcclellandtown,PA, United States.
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Hell's Gate

This universe is about my new dystopian world. I hope you all like it. I am working very hard to make this universe awesome.
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Descendants (A Descendants Fanfiction)

Histoire non vérifiée Who thought that five villain kids would be accepted to the most prestigious school in Auradon? Not Malia and her friends. They definitely weren't kids who wore pretty dresses or clean, crisp-looking tuxedos. They were the kind of kids who wore leat…
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Official Gladers Book

Histoire non vérifiée Please enjoy :)
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Zombie Girl

Histoire non vérifiée Read to find out.
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Histoire non vérifiée Read to find out.
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The world went crazy years ago. Three teenagers are trying to fight for their life as killer zombies invade the abandoned city. This city is called Hell's Gate. A terrible thing happened long ago to cause the human race to disappear and be replace…
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