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"Escaping reality through fantasies." I write to express, not to impress, but if I happen to impress you, then I'd be grateful for it and would appreciate your support! Thank you! :) Philippines.
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Mes histoires

Out of Reach

Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Humor Do not fall into her trap. She's playing tricks with you. Not everything you see is the truth. Do not invest any feelings in her, it would only cost you. She was like the helium and we were the balloon. At first, she…
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The Great Valoure

Histoire non vérifiée Genre(s): Action, Romance, Supernatural Pitiful, alone, and lonely—this is how Zavian Villin would describe his life. Losing his mother at a young age at the hands of his father—as he witnessed—made him more aloof and detached from the world, not …
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Nightmares and Miseries

A short story.
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Mes microfictions

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