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Hearthlands of Elderlore

The detailed collection of the writings, maps, illustrations, etc. of The Hearthlands of Elderlore.
3 histoires 238 vues 1

Elderlore, Times of Rea (Vol. I / Part One)

In lands afar and of age unknown, an entire realm knows not of what malice approaches. What shall become of this world, the Hearthland, where various races have long settled and made their own. Will their bloodlines endure another age, or shall the …
551 vues 3 2 Histoire terminée

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Tale Of Two Dwarves, An Elderlore Story

A dialogue view of two dwarves mining in the great caverns of Orebor. Their Dwarf King lays heavy burdens upon them, however, the king’s wrath compares not to the mountain’s rage.
3.4mille vues 3 16 Histoire terminée

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