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Welcome to the thrilling world of Genre Carousel, where every week brings a brand-new adventure! Step into a literary journey like no other as we take you through a captivating carousel of stories, each one representing a different genre. From heart…
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In a harrowing cyberpunk dystopia, Ethan, a master hacker, finds himself trapped in a relentless pursuit by a powerful corporation. Rescued by the enigmatic Claire, a former government operative with bionic enhancements, they form an unlikely allia…
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July 18

"July 18" is a chilling microfiction series that unfolds a nightmarish tale of survival and terror. The story begins with the protagonist waking up from a wild night and gradually descends into a dark and mysterious world. The series follows the pro…
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In the first part of "Inderra," follow the thrilling account of a group of ten crew members aboard a specialized spaceship on a mission to test their mental strength and teamwork. The story takes a dark turn when they discover a dead body on board, …
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The Matrix

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The Ultimate Betrayal

"The Ultimate Betrayal" is an enthralling narrative of Deepanshu and Ramesh's reunion, which quickly turns into a nightmare when Deepanshu is knocked unconscious after eating a slice of pizza and wakes up in prison with no explanation. Deepanshu mus…
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