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Been writing a few years but taking more seriously now United Kingdom.
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The Knights Square

Histoire non vérifiée A Knight brought to his king is about to face the biggest challenge of his life
73 vues Histoire terminée

Nothingness of nothingness

Histoire non vérifiée The nothingness behind our need for survival
545 vues Histoire terminée

My writing journey

Histoire non vérifiée A description of my writing journey so far
1.6k vues 2 Histoire terminée
Histoire de blog


Moonfly a walk in the light of the moon watch out for the human
6.0k vues 4 4 Histoire terminée

Bee from the parallel universe

Histoire non vérifiée From a parallel universe comes bee pursued by wasps
1.5k vues Histoire terminée

Justice served

Gormin first officer planet 9, in pursuit of serial murderers uses his skill and cunning To track them down. In this short story we pick up where Gormin showing his one man army mind-set tracks his quarry to the drug invested KANAK nightclub
1.8k vues Histoire terminée

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