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HI I am a writer I have been writing since I could talk, and I love writing, and I really want to share these stories with other people https://N/A. Austin  Texas, United States.
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Evelyn 2 i’ll be starring in your bad dream

Histoire non vérifiée OK you solved Evelyn’s first mystery. Can you solve this one? 
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Histoire non vérifiée Evelyn, banks has been missing for a while now the last known trace of her is when she was with her best friend that’s a doll 13 year old Evelyn needs to be found or her story needs to be told. Can you be the detective and find out what happened to …
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Should AI be banned debate

Histoire non vérifiée Is it dangerous? 
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Poetry stories

Histoire non vérifiée Never wait until tomorrow 
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How to kiss a girl

Histoire non vérifiée It’s senior year and he hasn’t even kissed a girl yet he doesn’t even know how to. He’s been trying to date Everly for years now but it never paid off and then Everly wanted to try out for the school play called how to kiss a girl will he get the sp…
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Clothing prices debate

Histoire non vérifiée Justice plz
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First book shout out

Histoire non vérifiée Thanks
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Should kids be paid to go to school?debate

Histoire non vérifiée Pay not pay who no, but we all no that I will be right
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Learn about me

Histoire non vérifiée All adopt me
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Histoire de blog

Enemies to lovers

Histoire non vérifiée Two new people I need school, new friends, new kids, new relationships, but new enemies want to be the star of the show then don’t go to school on the same day as another new kid if Joshua starts to like Madison call Madison give her heart to him in…
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