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United States.
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Dark magic induced beings threaten the kingdom of Selasia- and soon to be the world. The only one who can stop them is Elowen, a young warlock with much power hidden inside of him. In order to do this, he needs Julian's help. To take down the corrup…
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Orpheus, the Devil's Advocate is living on Earth to find the Baphomet's supposed heir. The Baphomet has chosen Julian as his guide to the human world, lacking any real power he struggles under the demon's hands. Along the way, he has a tempting offe…
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The Phases of Middle School

I dont really like you, I just liked the idea of you.
#1 Dan Romance 7.5mille vues 30 27 Histoire terminée

Pastia's Lines

The Dixie gang is well wanted and certainly hunted hard no matter where they go. In times of civilization, it's hard for them to get by and just survive. Along the way they are found by not only death's hands, but by the hands of abuse and sickness …
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Starry Eyed

A western story based off of The Beatles "Rocky Racoon", a bounty hunter by the name of Coon Cowl rekindles his conflict with an old friend Keet Cmith and his woman, Coon's former lover, Loretta Du'Bond.
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Star Hopping Lover

I know how it ends, I just like to read it from time to time. Even if the story really isn't all that great.
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My body isn't mine, at least I don't want it to be.
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