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I am 23 years old. Clinical psychologist. I have written for a decade. This year I decided to share my creations. My greatest literary references are: Poe, Lovecraft, King, verne, Sade, Conan Doyle, Pacheco, Rulfo, among others. I am looking for my own style, something that defines me and I explore different nationals. I want to cause amazement, nightmares and chills. Wattpad: @ Andres22DM Sweek: @AndresDM Twitter: @ Andres22DM Instagram: @ andresdiaz623 Mexico.
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I woke up that night in the darkness of my apartment: I was paralyzed. When I managed to calm myself down, I began to hear noises in the adjoining apartment: there where someone else awake, walking around... an intruder... This is the story of the …
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