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A Perfect Crime

Histoire non vérifiée A detective must solve the perfect crime.
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A Crime of Passion

Histoire non vérifiée A murder. A love affair. An obsession. Will Detective Matthew Gyatt and town Police Chief Bianca Marilyn find the killer? Will they be in time to save the town of Carton from a serial killer in the making?
2.2mille vues 5 2 Nouveau chapitre Tous les 30 jours

Choose the Path of Natalia Raega (Book 1, Out of The Subway, Over the Train tracks)

Histoire non vérifiée Natalia Raega is followed one night under the cover of darkness, as she plans to go home. You must choose her path, and everything that happens next.
1.7mille vues Nouveau chapitre Tous les 10 jours
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Drawn by the Blade

Histoire non vérifiée “Seems to me you’re not really who you say you are,” the Prince said, looking at me with confusion. “That’s because I’m not. No one knows I truly am except for me.”
2.0mille vues 2 1 Nouveau chapitre Tous les 30 jours

Bounty of the Execution

Histoire non vérifiée All he had to do was take the girl, collect his bounty, and go on his way. He never expected what waited for him. And as he learned the origin of this mystery girl, he learned he might not want to leave....will he fall for her, or will the bounty ge…
2.0mille vues Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

When You Left

Histoire non vérifiée She's a warrior, a soldier. But she wasn't before. When she fights a war against Hydla, she doesn't expect to find her ex-lover stuck in the thick of the battlefield. Nor does she expect the war to be put on a standstill because of thunderstorms. Bu…
1.3mille vues 1 1 Nouveau chapitre Tous les 15 jours

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