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men will be men

He had just crossed 60 and retired from government service.

He had always done his job sincerely and with a sense of pride. He always took exception to the critiques of some people that the government servants are less efficient or lazy. He would say one should see the enormity of the work of the government of a big country like India. How can it manage such a vast country with inefficient and lazy staff? He has seen a period of privatization when all talented people wanted to join a private job and the government job was considered fit for the backbenchers. His self-esteem suffered a bit during that period. He was recently retired, so still, he felt belonging to his department.

One day He escorted his son Guddu, for no reason to the examination center of a government job.

He felt happy to see the gathering of highly qualified smart youths, who came to take the examination. He felt proud of his job with the idea that the government job is carrying good weight in society.

Seeing the young and beautiful girls candidates. He had a momentary thought that he should have started his government service now, this naughty thought brought a smile on his face. He wished Guddu best wishes and walked back to his home. He felt as if he had become younger by a few years.

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