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IMAGITOPIA. “ WHERE ARE WE?” A journey to another world. A world unexpected, with magic and adventure. “ WE NEED TO HELP THEM.” came to save the world of magic… Imagitopia. ” I have come here to get my answers.” She has come to get her answer but get to all the answers before knowing it. Can Sophia and Alex, together save IMAGITOPIA?

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This story is of a girl Sophia and her friend Alex. Sophia was born with two horns on her head and was found in the forest by a man who was a forest ranger. He adopted Sophia since she was alone, starving in the forest.

When he got to know that Sophia had horns, he shifted from England to Canada, as everyone got to know about the girl's horn and were about to kill her. When Sophia came to Canada she used to never get out of her house she always gazed at her window and used to think if she could also go.

When her uncle saw her being so sad every day he got an idea he bought caps for her. She was happy leaving her house with her aunt and uncle, but after she grew 9 her horns used to shine. First, it didn't use to shine that much, but after some weeks the horns shined like stars in the sky when she wears. So if she passed away from the ground the girls used to laugh at her hat.

Sophia used to never hurt anyone nor did she say a word to anyone. So she decided to not wear caps anymore, but if she does not worse caps then when she could not get out of the house or else the people will tease her. She then used to live in the house for weeks when her uncle thought that she has become very old and if she does not go to school for studying than she will be illiterate and could do nothing for herself.

So her uncle gave her admission in a school at the age of 10 she was directly put into 5 classes because of her beautiful language, hard work, and writing. She didn't have friends as everyone teased her for her horns, but when she was going to graduate, who knew her life would have a huge turn. Before graduating, she had a weird dream about someone calling her.

"Oh... Utopia helps us please help. Help us from this cruel witch. Go to the place where you had been found and wish back to come. You are the last hope, please help us''

Every day she heard this when she was having her paper for the first time she got her a friend, Alex, who became her friend, they both talked to each other after graduation Sophia had chosen to be a spy and Alex had chosen to be a detective. Luckily Alex and Sophia became colleagues and their relationship grew and grew when Sophia felt that Alex could understand her dreams than she at once told him about it. ​​

They both decided to check. When they went into the place where Sophia was found they went there Sophia held Alex's hand and wish for the dream come true, they both closed their eyes and when they heard a noise they opened their eyes and were shocked to see that the different world. Sophia heard a noise and shouts


Alex asks her what had happened, she said that she heard a loud cry from many people mostly children. They were very brave and started their journey to save the unknown people.

When they first started their journey they felt hungry and decided to rest under a tree and have some food, the trees had big fruits so they eat two big fruit. After they had found suddenly Sophia's horns started to shine and it looks like it was telling her to hide they both hid behind a tree.

Suddenly a giant dragon came out of the bush and roared and fired from her mouth, she was very enormous, but kind looking the dragon saw them and came when it came close to fire them Sophia's horns shined brightly the dragon bend down and told" who are you my girl," she told. Sophia told her that she has come to save this world from the cruel queen and help this world, people.

After this, the dragon told them about the cruel queen and how she took the throne of Imagitopia, Sophia felt bad for the people and decides to help the people of Imagitopia. Between her journey, she gets to know about many things and even gets to know who she is.

At last, after answering the question of the last mythical character the Minotaur, the get to know about who Sophia actually was and even get to know that what is the way to kill the evil queen.

At the battle, there was one side of good mythological character, whereas on the other side was, Christianna's (the evil queen)team. They all had a great fight Christianna sat and was seeing all of it as she thought that her team could easily win.

But something very uneven happened, both the team had no one left except Sophia, Alex, and Christianna at the time of fighting Alex couldn't get up his legs were hurting now all happiness of Imagitopia was on Sophia, but at one point as Sophia turned to look behind, Christianna a great ball of magic and threw her down the valley.

For a moment there was complete silence all had gone. Christiana had won the war the valley in which Sophia had fallen was the deepest valley in Imagitopia.

Christian was going back to her palace everyone cried in sorrow. But not for too whiled, Sophia came back flying in the air, she came as fast as lighting till anyone could have seen her, she took a great force of air, cloud, and rainbow and shot on Cristianna till she had any time to see she was injured badly.

Sophia was the princess of Imagitopia who was sent to earth so that one day she could save Imagitopia as her mother was locked down the deep valley so that no one could ever find her. The princess Utopia or you can say Sophia had returned Sophia told about the kind family, who took care of her and grew her.

Alex, sadly couldn't live in IMAGITOPIA because he was a human. He was to send back to his home and live there. Sophia loved Alex she hugged him tightly and cried very much Alex was also crying, but nothing could help. He went back to his world...

But the story doesn't end here, Sophia came back to Earth and lived with his Best friend Alex and with her aunt and uncle. But she always came to IMAGITOPIA...

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