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A recent poem of mine, about love and happiness, demise and sadness, like a good ballad of old.

Poésie Romance Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Two Souls Entwined

Lady, gimme right away your brims!

But Mister, art you mad?

Mad I'm not, I am sad


Because I don't have your whim!

But Mister, I can't give you that

My heart isn't where you think he is at

Ah, but you can

I wasn't asking, I am man

So stop babbling, come with me!

But Mister, I don't love thee!

If not me, who is that you love?

I won't tell

If not me, who is that you love!

I won't tell!

She runs away with sadness

From the wild Mister's madness

To call to help her gladness

But the Mister wouldn't let her be

He runs after her with ire

His heart burns like a burning pire

Cos' he wants the Lady's heart

The same which is fleeing from he

But how could she be successful

He lacks the honor, but not the strength

Neither the fleetness, nor the might

He puts up a heartful pursue

She runs for the bell

But is finally catched

From that can't come well

She starts to be touched

Who wouldn't cry at the hands of this brute?

Instead from gentle, he is so rude

She starts to cry, he slaps her face

Stop debating, your love won't you save!

She continues to cry

and gives a loud scream

He makes her breast naked with a wry grin

But in a certain place eyes starts to beam

While her tears go dry

And lammenting, accepts her fate

Love, love, where thou art?

A resounding voice they all hear

'O dear, I am here

And, you rascal

Take your profane hands out of her

I promise you, you will not live to see daylight'

The ruffian becomes afraid of the mighty pose

That the true man over him impose

'Thou shall suffer as she suffered

Thou shall die as she would have died

Thou shant rejoice in paradise

But surely in hell you shall meet your demise'

No! No! I shall not die today!

You are but a youngster!

Who thinks great art

On the break of day of you shall be no part

'Must I be old

To see thou art not bold?

Must I be sage

To dig down your grave?'

'I'm done of talking

My mistress is done of you

Let's right away end that

Low creature, so foul'

The ruffian rises up to his feet

Draws his long knife and is ready to fight

The lover draws nothing

For he has nothing

Except from his astounding love

And the grace of God

The rascal attacks him

He meets the air

Receives a punch

For his despair

His nose starts to bleed

His mouth lacking teeth

Shouts a cry of rage

And points his blade

But before he could see

The knife's in his head

Before he could conceive

In the ground he lies dead

And the man he used to call youngster

Defeated the monster

Extends his hand to his lady

And receives a passionated kiss

He covers her with his mantle

In his shoulder she starts to cry

Of joy and relief, until she again gets dry

And the two lovers

Tired of the night

Gets away from the vile

Who lies still in the muddy ground

Without beauty or might

Not anymore haught

The two lovers

So entwined

Enters the realm of fable

Forgetting the passing of time

In a atmosphere of joy and purity

Where true happiness is aeternal

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