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My adopted giant son Dave Seville lived with his normal-size guardian foster mom Dionne Allen. He learns from bad influence and avoids trouble himself.

Enfants Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Babysitting of Mutant Tots Turtles

Storyline pilot at my house... "Giant Dave, I am going to work, but your lunch boiled eggs salad in the refrigerator." His normal-size guardian foster mom Dionne Allen said. "Sure! No problem," Mom. Her adopted giant fifty-foot son sitting in the blue bed is humongous than his normal-size guardian foster mom Dionne was. Meanwhile watching in his master bedroom at my house... "Oh, wells? I get this." Duration at the front pink door... "Hello, I am Splinter. Would you babysit my sons are in the baby crib while I was going to visit my old friend in Japan?" He was standing on the front of the doorstep of my adopted giant fifty-foot son. "Absolutely! I will keep an eye on them for you," Splinter. "Bye, sons. I have to go now." A mutant talking rat Splinter says bye to them then leaves now. Although I return to the master bedroom at my house... "I take a peek in. Oh! They are some mutant tots babies turtles?" "Hello," the giant! Raphael waved says Hello to him recently. "They are talking to me? Sighs. My name is Dave Seville of Dionne's adopted giant son," the mutant tots' turtles. "Oh? Wailing!" "Huh? I think they are so hungry that I might bring some baby food kale to feed them. Stay here until I will come right now," the mutant tots' turtles. Whatever funny happens in the kitchen... "Aha! I have to bring this to feed the mutant tots' turtles now. Oh?!" "Ga goo!" Donatello walked to open the cabinet. "Oh no! Don't open that," Donatello! My adopted giant fifty-foot son Dave panicked and take him from getting hurt now. "Wailing!" He cried. "Oh boy! Huh?" "Cowabunga!" "Mike!" My adopted giant fifty-foot son Dave rushed to save baby Mike from the dangerous stove. "I have to ride by my own skateboard. Whoa! Hello giant Mr. Seville." "You can't ride near the dangerous stove will burn you," Mike? He grabbed him from getting burning now. "Wailing!" "Oh. What's up," Leonard? My adopted giant fifty-foot son Dave takes look down at a blue tot mutant ninja talking turtle is standing on the flooring tile carpet. "I am so hungry now," Giant Mr. Seville. "I know. Sighs. I take all of you back to my room and feed some baby kale pudding to you," the mutant tots' turtles. After feeding... "Oh, wells? I get my blue cellphone is ringing now. Hello Mom!" "Did you finish eat your lunch boiled eggs salad, Giant Dave?" His normal-size Foster guardian mom Dionne called her adopted giant son by a phone at Walmart. "Yeah. I'm," Mom. "Huh? I hear someone cries?" "Just a baby bird is sing outside." "Never mind. I will come home soon," Giant Dave. She still talking to him now. "Sure! If my normal-size Foster guardian mom find out on that!? I might call his dad Splinter quickly." He nodded and repeatedly to her recently. Although in the club of Poker... "You are winning," Mr. Splinter? His old friend chubby Japanese man playing some poker card with him. "Of course! Huh? I get my cellphone is ringing now. What's up," Giant Mr. Seville? "My normal-size Foster mom Dionne is coming soon. You come take your sons before she finds out on them then I will be in big trouble," Mr. Splinter! "Calm down. I will be there. Old friend, I have to go now." "Okay. Bye," Mr. Splinter. Furthermore outside of the front pink door... "Here's your sons are napping in the crib carriage," Mr. Splinter. "Thank you for babysitting my sons. Bye," Giant Mr. Seville. He take it when his sons are in the crib carriage now. "Welcome. Bye, Mr. Splinter. Uh-oh? I will clean up this mess here before my normal-size Foster guardian mom Dionne comes few minutes." Finally returns back from working at Walmart... "I am home," Giant Dave! She opened the front pink door and came in. "How was working at Walmart," Mom? My adopted giant son Dave Seville banged in from his room. "Great! I'm so tried of payments from the customers today. I might cook some dinner of mashed potato and roasted turkey neck." "Okay. Sighs. Maybe I should be a good babysitter to Mr. Splinter's tots' mutant ninja turtles from Rise Teenage ninja Turtles TV Show series. Winking eye!" He seems reliefs and winking his right eye. The Ending!

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