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Felix sat on his roof as he usually did in the late afternoons. He watched cars come and go. That was until a moving truck parked by the house next door. He climbed through the window and headed down stairs to his porch. Felix watched movers pull stuff from couches to chairs and tables out of the truck. A car pulled up into the drive way and the engine cut with a stutter. A woman stepped out of the car.

"Wow" Felix says softly.

She was very pretty, no not pretty, beautiful.

Her hair was a dirty blondish color that seemed to change in the sun. She wore a tank top, that showed some skin depending on how she moved, and a pair of jeans. The woman cursed as she dropped her keys under her car. All the men moving furniture stopped and stared as she moved to pick them up.

"Hey" Felix yelled at the men as he started walking up.

All the men looked at him.

"You don't stare at a lady as she goes to pick something up. You help her" Felix said anger at the men.

He hates men who don't act like gentlemen.

"Here let me" Felix says helping the woman.

"Oh you don't need to" The woman says.

"It's my pleasure to help" He says finally retrieving her keys from where they fell under her car.

"Thank you" The woman said nervously standing up.

"My names Felix. I'm your next door neighbor" He says pointing back at his house.

"It's nice to meet you Felix. I'm Lizzy" She says very cheerful.

"I'd also be more then happy to help you in your house when these men get done" Felix offers.

"That'd be very nice. Thank you again" Lizzy says.

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