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A young girl infiltrating WICKED sees the love of her life being killed. Confused by everything she watches, she writes a letter to her star.

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My Star

Dear Ben,

Getting so close reminded me of the day we met, you all shy in the room, all surrounding you and leaving you unanswered. Danny did not show up that day so you sat next to me and just smiled, I returned and I concentrated on the lesson, we were learning genetics, I did not want to waste a minute, but a little voice told me: soon let's be friends or even something else . In the interval everyone left the room, but you stayed there, the girls called you to stay with us and of course the request was accepted. Even though the curiosity only smiled and answered with few words,

I knew we had something in common, I did not know what and that made me look for any clue in his eyes or expression. I tried to do it without your noticing it, but it always failed because you were looking for the same thing in me.

The next day Danny came back, and the girls were missing, I thought I would be alone, but we spent the break together, you drawing and I writing, before I realized you already had your head on top of my notebook reading my stories. At first I was dying of shame, now I can only find grace in how our friendship began so simply. We exchanged so many messages after that and of course ran in the intervals for Danny not to steal your snack, if he could I shared mine, I took an extra for the case right?

We stayed like this for two months and everything was so natural that I only noticed how things were on that day that you were missing, I knew something was wrong, when I went to investigate I discovered that I had been taken. I was devastated, something was always missing, though that pain does not compare to this.

I spent two years, but I was able to recover and I infiltrated the organization, I thought I could take other people out of there and prevent this emptiness in others. Then I saw you, hope invaded me, a feather that lasted so little, did something with your head that you turned another for a few minutes. While I was once again begging for his life, I could not do anything and stood there petrified listening to the staff at my side enjoying everything: wonder, interesting, perfect, were some of what they said. While you were torn apart. Nothing compares to this emptiness, nothing.

I heard it once in some anime, that when we burn letters they reach the stars, my words would come to you. At the time I thought it was absurd, but you thought it was cool. I know it will not end the emptiness, but I will try, if my words get there, I know that I have already been loved by many, even with everything taken from you, through these words I give you some memories, our memories.

I just want to see you one day and just like that first day of school, just an exchange of looks will be enough to recognize you.

With love,


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