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YunokiRoom Monogatari is an successor to Wattpad fanfiction YunokiRoom Bullshittery which ended in June 28th, 2019. It is also known as the adventures of the main protagonists of YunokiRoom Bullshittery's children.

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The Beginning

If you're the one who read an Wattpad story entitled YunokiRoom Bullshittery, you're kinda lucky. Let me introduce you 5 protagonists. These are the main characters of YunokiRoom's children, so let me introduce them.

Kazuko Lee, Yunoki's daughter.

Chelsea Baker, Valkyrie/Skyler's daughter.

Pocky, Oreo's son.

Azura Sieghart, Azure's daughter.

Shintaro Nakajima, Shin's son.

That's the protagonists so let's get ready!

Creator and Ichigo sat in the hospital's waiting room, and the nurse came to both of them and she said "Come take a look at the child." Creator and Ichigo went to the emergency room. It was Yunoki carrying her child Kazuko. Creator was also proud of Yunoki for being an mother. Also, Creator, Ichigo, Yunoki and Kazuko went home.

The End

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