Night Durbings


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The beginning

once upon a time, mario sat there all alone waiting for luigi to get home. Mario was very hungry for pizza, and most of all.....spaghetti.mario was thinking "If luigi doesnt come home with the food he asked for, Luigi would get a spanking.Luigi came home, empty. he was so guilty but he did'nt have any mony to by it. mario was pissed. GET THAT ITALIAN FOOD BYE THE NEXT 2 SECONDS LUIGI mario yelled. 1....2..... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". Mario spanked dat ass as hard as he could. Luigi moaned. mario pulled down his pants to reveal his spaghetti noodle (italian for penis). But First mario grabbed a plunger (plumber for condom), he wouldnt' want Luigi to get pregnant. Luigi then got up and pulled his pants up so he could get away. He ran as fast as he could. but this certain smell stopped him. it was the smell of Mario's big juicy ass. Mario then stuck his dick in luigis ass. mario was going in his ass super hard, luigis' nipples got super hard. mario stopped plumbing Luigi and tickled his nipples. "Oh, yes daddy luigi moaned. But then Luigi realised he didn't have his stuffed monky whith him. he couldn't have sex with out it!!!!!! luigi was wining WAHHHH WAHHHH. mario said it's okay and said he could dres up as a monkey. luigi sniffed :ok". He then went to party city. he bot a monky costume. heres what marioo looked like :(|) isn't it awesom?? anyways bak to the story. mario went up to the cashier to perchase the stuff. But there was a minecraftg creeper *It was really scary* and a roblox gurl in line purchisin fake blood so they cold scare people. and they were arguing about wher they will put the fak blud. It was ether abanond house or in the circus. mario was wating but they wouldn't cum to an agrement. mario felt anckshious. then realised they left. mario bot the thing and came home. He then ran up to luigi and put his banana in. luigi then remembered his dream he had lest night: It was a rainy day. Luigi was inside playing with his silly willy that he named billy. He also ate nachos while masterbating. That dream wanted him too. "I WANT A BLOW JOB" Luigi cried. Then got up and pulled that banana out of his juicy ass. he ran over to mario and unzipped the costuem, revealing his moth. He then shoved his lingine nudle in his mouth. mario was so gooooooooood at blow jobs. He might as well evem be deep throte! Luigi came in marios mouth EVERY WHERE, making a white christmas in there. but that didn't stop Mario, he swalowed the hole thing. it was very impressive. mario decided to tie luigi up with the rope he had in the garage. "So, what should i do 1st? Blow job? Spanking? Fuccing?" Mario though. but then he came to a decison. he was gonna put his dick up aginst luigi's peperoni nipples. it felt awesome. Luigi shouted Italian curse words at mario in hopes that he'd stop. But mario didn't. Luigis nipples started shooting out milk like a cow. mario put his pecker on the milk and then masterbated. It was just a mix of cum and milk. Mario licked up all of the cum and milk and he thought it was delicous. but then......luigi found his stuffed monkey stuffed in marios big ass ass. mario threw a mini mushroom at luigi. Luigi had to get it back so he ran up but mario was so far a way. marios big hairy ball sack swung down on luigi. he ducked. mario then spraid his milk at luigi in attempt to stop him. "YOU LIED!!!". luigi responded. he was so distracted that he forgot to dodge the brest milk. it spraid all over him. he nearly drowned but he swam out of it. mario was so scared! he didnt have anything else to hit him with. then he remembered. he had explosive diarea. now the stuffed monkey was in there so he had to be carefule. there were explosins EVERYWHERE. Luigi dodged each explosin it was like an action movie! "Oh no! What do i do now! i have nothing left to do! I cant be repititive!" Mario said. mario then decided to shoot bugers at him. luigi didnt dodge this 1. he was stuck to it. he didnt know what to do. Marios very scary face rising over him. "LETS AGO" mario shouted. luigi was getting worried. What was he going to do? Mario picked luigi up and walked over to the living room. he put luigi on the tv stand. mario turned it on. he went over to penguin porn. "Jerk off to that or you get bye-bye gun!" luigi jerked off creating a pile of cum on the Tv. mario threw a mushroom at luigi. mario then got luigi off the tv stand. mario fucked luigi. he fucked for a while... UNTIL LUIGI HEARD A 1UP SOUND. HE LOOKED OVER TO MARIO TO SEE HIM NOT WEARING A PLUNGER. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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