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After losing two years of her life imprisoned in Ioshiro's empire, Shido finally manages to return to her homeland and now she must raise support from her remaining friends and even from some enemies in order to get rid of the false accusations her king played on her.

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Chapter 1

Walking through the inn entrance, where she had arranged to meet with him some hours earlier. A dark and sticky liquid covered all her body and she did not want him to find her in that indecent way.

Looking around the small inn, which, by the way, smelled like a pure scent of a fresh orange cake, she noticed the sunlight enlightening the room, passing through the wide open windows with no curtains, the breeze was calm to lift slightly her hair fringe, no music at that time of the day, only the song of maritakas, sparrows and swallows, the three most common birds in that country.

At that time, few people were around; two dwarf couples in the corner on the left side who had given a sideways glance, then ignored her immediately upon seeing her miserable state and a brute orc near her right, who did not even bother to look up to observe her. There was no one in the right corner. By that, she was sure he was not there yet, after all, she had arrived two hours early.

The worst goosebumps she has ever felt in her life, gone, relieved, she exhaled letting those thoughts out of her mind and headed for the inn's balcony, where, she exchanged a few words with the inn owner, an orc lady, about one head taller than her, but too thin for an orc, dressed with a soft flowered dress, uncommon for an orc also, and last, but not least, two long braids tied on top of her head, her smile shows the great canines she had, which made the newcomer swallow dry and try a retribution smile.

The orc lady ignored all the filth and stench that came from her and gently handed her a key. The key to the room where she would finally wash and clean her things and perhaps, with luck, would be presentable to meet that person.

Quietly climbing the stairs, she adjusted the heavy bag on her aching back as the lady orc could not help, but notice the gleaming bracelet on her both wrists, and all those five daggers she wore on her belt at the waist, another three on each of the belts fastened on both her thighs, two additional daggers in each leather-and-metal boot that, resounded with every heavy step she took to climb the stairs.

The orc lady raised an eyebrow when she realizes that even in both of her armbands, the woman, who now ended up climbing the stairs disappearing above, carried three extra daggers. All daggers carried red ropes and magic stones on the button.

As she walked through the inn’s solid wood corridors, caught the employees eyes, after all, the inn needs to be presentable for lunch and for the rest of the day.

Ignoring the wide-eyed employees gave her while clutching their mouths or noses as she passed looking to the door's numbers, she stared at the key number realizing it was none of those doors. However, she was getting closer, 90, and she had just looked at the number 40, should be the fifth room at her right as the numbering of the doors jumped by 10 by 10.

The buzz started in the hallway behind her when she put the key in the door lock to open it, the servants began to whisper speculating what had happened to her to be in that state or why she carried countless daggers.

Somehow, she seems a celebrity, yet she did not care when she finally closed the door behind her and stared at her modest bedroom, a double bed lined with satin bedspread, a massive wooden table as well as the bedroom floor, a battered armchair, although still comfortable enough to drop and relax, a mirror facing the bathroom door, and the narrow balcony with two wooden chairs reclining and facing each other, the landscape outside it he remembered her hometown, the flowering fields, and at distance The Blue Tree Mountains, from another angle.

She headed for the bathroom to her left and let his bag fall to the stone floor, at the same time she began undressing, she'll wash her clothes right there in the bathtub and after that she'll put them on the balcony, if the magic leather bag were absolutely good enough, would have fulfilled the promise of protecting her thin and expensive clothes by keeping them clean, dry and scented.

With the bag open she saw there an unopened plastic bag, protecting her clothes, she took out all the other items that were in the bag, another little bag and two water pans, a purse, and finally her notebook, she throws the bag inside the bathtub, opened the faucet and let a shower fill up.

After some time, she took off all the stinking mud out of her clothes and bag realizing that her clothes were perfectly clean and smelling the same scent of her shampoo she had brought, she decided to clean herself.

No hot water to relax, she could not relax yet, despite having burned the midnight oil trying not to be swallowed by the swamp, she needs to wash her hair as fast as possible to have time to dry it properly to not be late for the meeting, she has a good reason for that, two years was a long time enough for that day to came, she couldn't allow an annoying incident that would destroy her moment.

Time has passed until she be able to dry her hair without getting burned, as she still finds difficulty controlling the fire that could emanate from the bracelet, she took the pocket watch while noticed that in the next fifteen minutes she should downstairs to meet that silver-haired elf, she let out a sigh, she still need to dress and ... Goddammit ! Where I let that perfume? Of all the essential or superfluous things she brought, does she just end up forgetting that perfume?

NO! She flipped over the rest of the stuff she'd brought in the magic purse, she searched, scrabbled with her hands, she would not draw everything out she has in there in order to conclude that, indeed, she forgot to bring her perfume.

NO! That purse keeps so many goods that even if she wanted to take everything she placed in there out, it would not fit in the room, that was the magic purse she earned from her friend when they were still friends.

NO! She would not end up taking everything out, she was more than perfumed with the smell of her favorite shampoo and body cream that had left her skin white due to her exaggeration, screw up the perfume, dressed in the dress she had bought in the port city when she docked there five days ago, it delighted her with the details of the little embroidered flowers all along, a simple chiffon dress with a neckline shoulder to shoulder with brief sleeve that covered up to the knee, it had been difficult to decide which shoe to buy to match the dress. However, she took the seller's considerations into account by buying a pair of low-heeled sandals, as she knew her feet, as well as her legs, would not last long on it.

There she was, finishing adjusting her loose hair, it was so long, smooth and black that for a few minutes she thought it would be preferable to braid or tie or both, as she always did in order to decrease the volume, although she knew she should let it loose, after all, that elf, loved her hair loose, strange, yet, she would let it loose. Last, she wore a gilded tiara to keep the hair far from her eyes every time he tilted her head down.

Unsure if she should wear a little makeup, her skin was impeccable, although a few touches could improve it, even more, however, she hardly ever wear it in her life before, and whenever she tried, the result was a circus clown, just to remember it, already made her give up.

Almost ready, only needed her hat, to protect herself from the scorching sun, if there was something she had never missed during the time she was away, it was the unbearable heat of her homeland.

Picked up the magical purse that matched her look, just for being small enough to look like a leather book, slipped the strap around her neck, resting it on her shoulder, which made a vertical mark on her trunk, not that she minded, except that would let evident the small size her breasts had, took one last peek in the mirror and pleased with the result waved an okay for herself leaving the room right after.

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