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Based on the movie Nutcracker and The Four Realms, the story is set as a sequel where Philip, the Nutcracker is invited to the Human World by the Princess leading to a new terrific adventure of discovery of not only the world where human resides but also of the most unexpected blatant truth concerning the real nature of the Princess.

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The Invitation

The winter wind blew in all its vigor on the caramel skinned face of the soldier, dressed in red velvet suit with golden embroidery, while he guard the entrance of the Fourth Realms. Despite the frosty wind and biting cold, he surprisingly stand uptight. Out of the blue, he felt the touch of warmth on his cheeks. Opening his eyes, he saw the most beautiful lady standing in front of him.

‘Clara!’ he exclaimed jubilantly. Clara Stanford is the daughter of the Queen of the four magical realms who is also a normal human being in the real world. She made the discovery of her mother’s legacy last Christmas while searching for the key to her mother’s gift. It was during this adventure that she met Captain Philip who supported her through thick and thin to retrieve the key and saving their Queendom.

‘I came to invite you for my upcoming birthday party but I would like you to come and stay at my place for a few days prior my birthday during which I’ll have the immense pleasure to escort my dearest captain for a visit to my world.’ She bowed slightly while Philip grabbed the extended fair hands as an affirmative sign. ‘Sure, my dear lady. I’m so overwhelmed with joy at such invitation. For now, allow me to accompany you to the other realms to distribute the invitation cards.’

They set off on Jolly the horse to the Land of Sweet where a fairy called Sugar Plum ruled. Last time they met, Sugar Plum was forgiven for her abominous acts of destroying the realms and since then she went back to her own realm where she did her best to redeem herself.

And to the Land of Snow...

To the Land of Flowers...

And finally to the Land of Amusement where Mother Ginger warm-heartedly welcomed Clara and Philip under her tent for coffee.