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Child actress Kiki is in trouble with her mother again.

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THERE WAS AN ISSUE with continuity so I halted production to fix it and suddenly I saw Kiki dashing across the set.

That kid can run, I thought, but was too tired and too behind shooting schedule to find out what the girl was running away from. I had an idea, though.

From the craft table I took Tylenol, twisted open a bottle of water, and swallowed the pills. I put a couple of packets in my shirt pocket for later.

Did I ... just hear Kayla's voice?

I turned around and there she was, confronting Mikey at the entrance.

"Ma'am, if you're not in today's roll, I can't let you in."

"I told you, I'm Kiki's mother. You have to let me in."

Mikey shook his brawny buzzcut head, "Can't do it."

"That girl's in big trouble. I need to talk to her."

"No can do, ma'am. Can't let you in."

So Kayla shouted: "Now you listen to me! If you won't MOVE, I will MAKE YOU move! Do you understand?"

So I shouted: "MIKEY."

And Mikey shouted back: "BOSS?"

I shouted: "IT'S FINE."

And Mikey shouted: "RIGHT."

And Kayla shouted: "SEE!". And walked onto the set.

She walked towards me, quick and determined, her attractive figure in heels click-click-clicking closer and closer.

I drank the water and screwed the cap on the bottle.

"Where is she, Harry?" she said, her beachy wavy hair flowing like a lion's mane. "I'm going to kill the little brat! Where is she hiding this time?"

"Beats me. But feel free to smoke her out. Do you want a prop gun?"

Kayla didn't think that funny and quickly became quiet and sad.

I checked my watch. From my shirt pocket I took out more Tylenol and swallowed the pills.

She watched me. "Could I ... have some?" she said shyly.

I gave her the last packet. She tore it open and swallowed the pills without water. With big sad eyes she said, "Is it all right if I stay, Harry? Till Kiki appears? ... I need to have a serious talk with that girl."

"I'll find you a chair."

Kayla smiled gratefully.

There was a stack of chairs at the far end of the sound stage folded against the greenscreened wall.

"Psst ... Harry!" Kiki was wearing a green hooded cloak, hiding in plain sight against the green backdrop.

"Kid! Does Wardrobe know you stole that cloak?"

She whispered proudly: "They don't." Then added: "Is Kayla still out there?"

"She's out there. Ready to kill you."


"Why? What did you do this time?"

"Broke her up."


The girl smiled. "Again."

"Hey, that's three-in-a-row now. You're getting real good at breaking up your mom."

"I know, right!" she giggled.

So I joked: "I'm never-ever-ever asking your mom out on a date. Scout's honor!"

Kiki didn't find that funny, and instead of laughing, the kid got all glum. She took off the cloak and threw it down hard.

"Are you crying? Please tell me those are your acting tears."

"No, Harry, these are not my acting tears. These are my real tears. Bye."

The little girl dashed off to the other end of the sound stage and hugged her mother. They talked. Kiki whispered in her mother's ear. Kayla looked surprised. Before leaving Kayla waved and gave me a big smile.

I picked up Kiki's cloak, took it back to Wardrobe, solved the continuity issue, and restarted production. Then in the evening Kayla and I talked on the phone.

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