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Discover the story of monica murillo a transgender man, who lives in the city of caracas venezuela, his story begins when the perez owner and lord of all the avenues of the city where his workers work, naming monica the most beautiful trans of all , as the sole heir of all her fortune, which unleashed anger, anger and hatred for Samantha, mistress of a single avenue and president of thousands of prostitutes. A story full of romance, suspense, music, comedy. Join the monica adventure and enjoy ten intense episodes. but all history has to have the man who will put heads of these two girls, the perfect man who fell in love with Monica and the vile samanta, discover much more in THE MOTHER lives the story behind the avenue.

LGBT+ Tout public.

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Mother's trailer

In one of the most dangerous cities in the world lives a woman, who is different from the world

  • monica: (lying on the floor unconscious) .... where am I? (he wakes up and sees that everything around him is on fire) ... where are my children ... (kneels in the middle of the storm and the noise of bombs and sirens of ambulances, screams desperate) ... WHERE ARE ALL MY DAUGHTERS? how is it possible that all Allan left me alone at the moment I need them most (she crawls on the floor and stares at the sky) ... father since you left everything has been so difficult, as you need in this neighborhood so that everything is as before (see a shadow of a man standing behind her) ... father? it's you?


• el perez: this is a special night (he is standing in the middle of the luxurious living room) .. tonight I will name the successor, the great queen who will take the reins of all the streets and avenues of this wonderful city.






samanta:AAAAAAAAAAAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA ...  GOOD NIGHTS CARACAS, GOOD NIGHTS COROMOTO NEIGHBORHOOD AJAJAJAJA (enters imposing and walks to the throne of monica and perez) ... ahahahaha but what do we have here? (escorted by 50 armed men riding motorcycles) ...


                                                   Very Soon

Samanta: here the only owner of everything is me dear father .. (pulls out a knife)

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