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Maybe it's your eyes,

Maybe it's your smile,

They shine so bright,

They can melt my heart,

Maybe you would,

I wish to say,

Help me to break,

Out of this pain,

Maybe it's the night,

That it's so black,

That echoes your hair,

Maybe it's the grin,

That born in my face,

when i hear you speak,

Maybe the truth,

The truth that i hate,

Thinking in you,

It's not so Good,

That all that i need,

It is to rest,

To rest of this love,

Maybe of you.

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Lawliette Lawliette
Why not? This is agreat poem. Loved it.
16 Septembre 2018 20:06:28

  • Jorge Paniagua Jorge Paniagua
    thank you, i'm really happy you liked it 16 Septembre 2018 20:16:53

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