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A man in court after committing murder, only this trial is about a second body, not his victim. #ThrillerTime

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On Trial

I had murdered a man. Not the one I was on trial for though. Unfortunately for me, both crimes appeared to have occurred in the same building. That felt far too coincidental to me.

I suspected who might have planted the other body; Detective Joe Branzinni. I'd known him to plant evidence before whilst we were both working on the force, to put someone away he suspected of a crime but couldn't quite prove. Well, once I got through this formality of sitting around in court, wasting my time, he'd get me alright, but not in the way he was expecting. It'd certainly be a lot more painful for him than my usual methods. 

 I scanned the gallery that seemed to be mostly veering towards shocked or even ill looking as the prosecutor presented his evidence. Normally this would have been my heroin, having the power to mess with people's emotions like that until I caught one man's gaze and something unexpected happened. He winked at me as if to say "I put you there". That sent a chill through me as it definitely wasn't Joe. He looked too well dressed to be someone he knew too. It crossed my mind then that maybe he wanted either myself or a certain detective Branzinni out of the picture for good. Well, if it was the latter I thought, then I'd happily give the man what he wanted.

 I wasn't worried about the ruling to be honest. I knew the right people in the system to be out within a couple of months at most, so the whole trial felt like a blur, except for that one stranger in the gallery. I just hoped he wouldn't take Joe from me before I could get to him first.

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CC C Clark Carbonera
Nice one! Now I'm wondering who that stranger is! :O
September 04, 2018, 17:25