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thoughts that usually are being thought when the rest of us sleep, and don't really make sense-usually inspired by speed, crack, meth etc.

Poésie Satire Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#tweaker-thoughts #methed-up-mind #tweaking-thoughts
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Waned and weary with only toil and trouble

my limbs could only travel this journey tired. .

In my head to in my mind

-which coincidentally were not the same thing-

thoughts seemed to expire from the zealous fear found in your gaping wide darkness of speech.

My serenely spiritual soul's mythical secret shadow sparkled as a jewel:

Boundlessly black but brazenly beauteous by day, but by night,

my mind mentioned masses of decoratively hung ghastly gossip,

secretively shushed into silence



to be a quick quiet find for any of us.

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