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The couples who are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that tears them apart and come out even strongly bonded. One such short tale about true and unwavering love

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"You are the worst person I have ever encountered in my life." She snapped getting up and throwing away the velvet box she had in her hand without even caring to spare a glance at it.

"But.."He was about to say something but was pinned down with her glare.

"Don't ...." She warned raising her pointer finger and paused for a moment trying to get a grip on her exhilarating agitation.

He just stared at her not knowing what else to do.

"Thanks for showing how bitter and nasty life can get with the company of someone like you." She spat off each and every word with venemous distaste.

"Please listen to me. I can explain...." He stuttered but she interjected his conversation real fast.

" I don't wanna hear anything.Just show me a favour, won't you?" She asked in a pleading tone. Her eyes welling up with tears.

"Anything for you. Please order me" He said readily with an expectant look on his face.

" Never ever show this sorry face of yours ever. Keep away from me. Let me live my life with the scars inflicted by this world. Never intrude and fill my life with your poisonous presence. Is that clear to you " She declared mercilessly with finality in her voice.

He held a scandalised look gazing at the retreating figure of the girl whom he considers as his whole world and reason for his breathing.

Is this what he expected when he started falling for her.

What really went wrong is beyond anyone's explanation or par his imagination.

But still his heart throbbed for this girl.

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