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Entry #1: The Freak

  Kaitlin Rogers was a 21 year old girl. She had many problems, first, she never had a father and her mother died of cancer when she was 11. She lived with her foster mom, whom she hated, until she turned 18. Kaitlin also liked to put anything in her pussy that would fit. She also liked doing drugs and drinking non stop.

   Kaitlin didn't have a job, she had several. If they paid money she would do it, besides killing, or hurting innocent people. She also refused to do most illegal things. Kaitlin had very special skills. She healed fast, hit hard, and jumped high.

   Kaitlin lived in an odd place, she didn’t live in an apartment building, or in a house. No, she lived in an abandoned observatory. The observatory was in between two buildings, the only way in was through an elevator, but the elevator no longer works, luckily Katy can jump very high.

   Katy's room was in the observing room. It was a metal sphere, she had a bed and a lamp in the room. What was Katy doing in her room, watching porn while playing with herself. She was watching some gay guy getting impaled by a horses big dick. For some reason this was attractive to her. 

   Katy was about to squirt all over her computer when an email popped up. It scared the shit out of her, she spat out her beer all over the computer screen.

   “What the shit dick!” Katy shouted.

   The email was from her childhood friend Evan. He wanted to meet up with her immediately. Evan was a rich kid, so Katy did not want to upset him, his lawyer dad may sue her.

   Katy got up and put her underwear on. She grabbed a pair of jeans and put them on. She then grabbed her favorite Flash hoodie, she didn’t bother grabbing a shirt or bras. Before Katy left she decided to get high, so she grabbed some crack and snorted as much as she could before running out.

   Being high doesn’t have much affect on Katy, it just makes her feel good. Her healing keeps most of the affects at bay. Katy and Evan always meet at the park, that’s where Kaitlin was headed. Katy doesn’t own a car so she took a taxi, plus you shouldn’t be driving when you’re drunk and high.

   The park was actually very nice, most of the city was very nice. Evan was sitting at the bench in front of the big fountain that he liked. When Evan and Katy were kids they would toss pennies in the fountain and make wishes.

   Evan was a black man, but his parents were white. Evan was adopted. His dad was the district atourney and his mom was a doctor. He was rich as fuck and acted like a white person.

   “What up my nibby,” Katy exclaimed greeting Evan.

   “Don’t say that,” Evan replied.

   “Nigga,” Katy said.

   “That’s worse,” Evan said.

   “Nigger,” Katy said.

   “Just stop,” Evan pleaded.

   “Jigaboo, coon, cotton picker,” Katy taunted.

   “Now you’re just being a dick,” Evan said.

   “Yup,” Katy remarked.

   “What do you want, I was busy?” Katy demanded.

   “Busy with what?” Evan asked.

   “Beating my dick,” Katy replied.

   “But...” Evan said confused.

   “It was a joke dumb ass,” Katy said.

   “Listen, something happened to one of my friends, he just disappeared and no has seen him,” Evan explained.

   “And that’s my problem why?” Katy said.

   “You always said that you wanted to use you’re abilities for good,” Evan said.

   “I was stupid little cunt okay, and that’s really what you interrupted my masturbation for,” Katy snarled.

   “Jeez Kaity, what happened to you?” Evan asked.

   “Life! Not all of us have rich parents who actually care about us! I grew up differently than you, maybe I’m not the person you want me to be, but I’m me and fucking deal with it!” Katy shouted.

   People were looking at the two. A parent had covered their child’s ears. Evan was embarrassed. Kaitlin didn’t give a shit what other people thought about her. For all she cared everyone in that park could suck s dick and die.

   “I knew I shouldn’t have called you. You’re drunk Kate, go home,” Evan said as he walked away.

   Kaitlin felt something she hadn’t felt in a while. She felt bad. “Evan wait,” she said. “I’m so- s-s- I can’t say the s word. I’ll help you find you’re nigga,” Katy said.

   “He’s white,” Evan said.

   “Fucking niggerflap,” Katy sighed.

   The crowd gasped, as a mother was offended as to what her child just heard. “What the fuck are you people still standing here for? Fuck off!” Katy yelled.

   Another one of Kaitlin’s defining quality’s was that she was the worlds biggest dick. She was incapable of showing empathy towards others.

   “Can we go somewhere else, these fucking cock suckers won’t fuck off,” Katy said referring to the crowd around them.

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