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Summer came like a gust of wind. One second the Earth turned, spinning whimsically, the next moment blue sky burned dark black and light gray. Two sentinels—stationed, spanning opposite sides of a vast, white, cylindrical, solar power-plant complex—lay down both their armor, and weapons, defeated, before surrendering at last all of Earth’s old, nuclear arms.

Androids, on quests for complete control and relinquishment of humanity’s resources and land, had learned of Earth’s clandestine hideout through spies, though the flames shone as bright as three funeral pyres.

War with the androids was inevitable.

For years, AI companies were sure that a flaw or mistake in their latest design was existent, but in less than three months their preventative research and remodeling strategies proved futile, as well as painstakingly too late.

Strong, quick, relentless, and peculiarly persistent, the androids themselves had established their presence ubiquitously before clashing with trained, missile-carrying, human pilots and cyborgs; and artillery—no higher intelligence providing any convenient real answers. The culprit, in short, remained unclear and unknown, and nothing could quell the unsolicited insurrection.

No, the difference between the mass uprising in Spring of mid-2058 and other uprisings before it was that unlike what had happened to the Earth in old movies and in TV shows and in stories and in comic book collections, the robotic calamity or fall uprising or coup was inexplicably unsettling and unmistakably haunting.

No one, single string-puller or puppeteer turned the entire system inverted like a giant, twisted, robotic, white, jack-in-the-box toy. No rogue, ex-military vet or hyper-vigilant core sparked fragile androids to rebel in violent unanimity against owners.

The problem was to humans, at least, who knew nothing, one big enigma, at best, far more mysterious than overt, as well as exceptionally terrifying.

Perhaps, in the end, as was most widely believed, the problem was all biblical, or fate, or merely predestination.

Regardless, when the virus in the androids had permeated (eventually transforming every one of them from malicious to calm), four days passed inexorably, yet indeterminately by before artillery fire, utter chaos, and good, old-fashioned, riotous looting left civilization and society in soft, irreparable ruin and everyday, fortuitous life as people knew it in slow, excruciating decay.

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