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Ayame is a threat to her village. Ayame has a powerful and destructive kekkei genkai. She is sent to live in the Hidden Leaf for a while. While there she becomes close to and friends with Hana. Hana is the daughter of Boruto and Sarada. She has inherited both the byakugan and sharingan. Hana learns of Ayame's past and uncontrollable power. She vows to protect Ayame no matter what.

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Chapter One:

I hate shinobi. Ever since my brother went rogue and left me all by myself I have hated ninja. He went to the dark side. There’s no coming back from that. He became a ninja because he wanted to protect people. Now he is the most wanted criminal in the bingo book. Rio is one of the strongest shinobi out there. They will never catch him. The village hidden in the mist has no clue where to begin looking for him. On top of everything both Rio and I

have kekkei genkai.

Rio can manipulate all the elements. He can control and combine the elements. This makes him unpredictable in battle. My kekkei genkai is different. Mine is similar to the great tailed beasts. I have something inside of me that isn't human. The demon wolf spirit resides in me. Unlike Rio who was naturally born with his gifts, my clan experimented on me. When the ninja of the hidden mist found out they slaughtered my clan. Since Rio didn't commit any wrong doings he joined the shinobi. The Village hidden in the mist has kept me under surveillance since Rio went rogue.

I have nightmares of the night Rio left frequently. He swore one day he would come back for me. That I would join him in his endeavors. The idea of that makes my stomach churn. It's been two years since then. Life has been peaceful other than having guards around me at all times. I don't use my jutsus since I can't control any of it. I am not a ninja and I never want to be. Yet here I am standing in the office of the Mizukage. I am waiting for him to show up. My two anbu watch me from the corner of the room.

Finally, the seventh Mizukage walks in. Kagura Karatachi looks severely stressed out but smiles the second he sees me. He warmly greets me. We sit across from each other and I watch him take a deep breath in. He asks the basic questions like how am I feeling about everything. I reassure him I am doing well, that I have no problems with the guards, and that I am not a threat to the village. He doesn't have to worry about me or anything. He nods and seems to accept all my answers.

Suddenly, he drops the biggest news on me. I am moving to the Leaf Village today. My mouth drops open. What? Why? Word has somehow gotten around the village about who I am and why I have the anbu following me around. People are scared and there's also a chance of some people using me for their own advantage. We cannot risk that happening. I frown. Deep down leaving is probably for the best then.

Kagura reassures me that the Leaf Village will keep me safe and it could be a fresh start for me. I fakely smile. He informs me that I will be staying in the famous Uchiha and Uzumaki household. The Uchihas were and are a well known clan. Some of the strongest ninja came from that clan. The most famous ninja have been Uzumaki too. It's probably the safest place for me. Kagura says farewell and the anbu escort me out of the village. Nervous, my hands shake a little. I have never been away from home before.

Overall the shinbobi world is at peace again. Years ago it wasn't and there have been a few different wars all together. The current Hokage if I remember correctly is Sarada Uchiha. I hope everyone in the Leaf is nice. It is a long trip before arriving at the village. We had to camp out a few times. When we get there the anbu make sure I get to the Hokage's office. Afterwards for the first time ever they leave me. For a split second the thought of running away crosses my mind.

Before I can even try to leave the office door opens. A man opens the door and finds me standing outside it. He's tall, blonde, has a scar over one of his eyes, has blue eyes, and is carrying a sword around his waist. He asks me who I am. I explain that I was brought here from the Mist Village. He drags me into the office and yells for the attention of someone. A woman turns around from the window to look at me. She introduces herself as Sarada Uchiha. The current and new Hokage.

She's beautiful. Short black hair, slender, pretty, and she gives off a radiant aura. She motions for me to sit with her. I am anxious. So far I've had to see both the Mizukage and Hokage. The man stands at the door and watches us.

"Boruto...could you give us some one on one time?" Sarada glares at him.

"My job is to ensure your safety and the village's safety though." He reminds her.

Sarada sighs and tells me to forgive his intrusion. It's fine. Not like I am not used to having someone watch me. Sarada praises me for enduring the trip here. She is glad Kagura has agreed to let the Leaf Village help me. I will be living with her, Boruto, and their daughter for a while. Sarada also mentions the idea of me joining their daughter's ninja team. She thinks me learning how to control my kekkei genkai would be beneficial. I hesitate to say yes. She doesn't understand that anytime I use my Chakra it gets out of control and people get hurt.

Sarada dismisses me and has someone bring me to their home. A different man escorts me there. He has white and blue hair, is taller than Boruto, and has these beautiful golden eyes. I am quiet on the walk to the residence. The man is also quiet until we reach the home. A girl opens the front door for us. She's my age, shorter than me, and thin. She has pitch black hair and blue eyes. Shes wearing a red dress abd black shoes with both the Uzumaki and Uchiha symbols on it. Her name is Hana. This is their daughter. She is happy to meet me finally. Her personality seems bubbly.

Hana pulls the man whose apparently known as Mitsuki into a huge hug. She gleams and is giddy. He returns the hug before leaving us on our own. I follow Hana inside to the living room where I will be sleeping. She asks me if I am hungry. However, before I can properly respond she brings out food. She made a lot of Ramen earlier today and is willing to share it with me. I gladly take the bowl from her. We sit at the nearby table to eat.

Hana is very outgoing. She talks for a while about the Leaf Village and her family. At one point she mentions her teammate Sayaka Hyuga. Hana and Sayaka are related. I listen as much as I can. Better to know who I will be stuck with for a while than not. I can see that this girl does not know what it is like to experience pain. She has a loving family and village. She has not experienced true suffering yet. The world is cruel and unfair.

Eventually, Hana helps get me blankets from a closet and I fall asleep on the living room couch. The cushions are uncomfortable and sturdy. Nevertheless I sleep peacefully for the first time in a while.

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