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All sorts of shapes would need to be included in this next round of games. Now there was new colors and new shapes Coro had to deal with, or maybe he didn't, maybe he was just perceiving his own reality, and that reality was that he was participating in the games himself. Either way, he wouldn't let it ruin his day, because at the end of the day, Horse Racing, Jockeys, and Shifty Shaping Steeds were the Ships at Bay and The First Race was the day after the next day. For this first Race those Participating would have to show what they were really made of, because they wouldn't be using their own horses, nor would they be racing Solo. The Mad Hatter would take names out of a hat and create teams of 3. A Wild Horse gathered from Horses Rounded up during The Red Desert Round Up would need to be Mugged, Shanked, and Rode a complete lap. Participants would also have to assist in The Red Desert Round Up where the Sweetwater flowed through Rock Springs and Ice Caves Endlessly Descended into The Core of The Earth. 8 points would be given to 1st Place, 4 points to 2nd place, and 2 points to 3rd place for completing the 1 Lap required. Various points would also be given for Teamwork, Acceptance, Communication, Speed, Sportsmanship, Ingenuity, Humility, Self Control, and several other unknown hidden factors. No Jockeys would be able to use their Magical Abilities during the Season Opener either.  They'd have to be as original as Billy the Kid, and Butch Cassidy were. Real Mother Fucking Legit Cowboy Shit was the Light to be Lit for The First Race of The Circuits Season Opener.     "I'm not saying this stuff because I want to sound cool, I'm honestly repeating what others have said to, or about me, to other individuals." chirped "The Old Quack Of A Bird One and a Third, CrayZCooCoo Coro". "I've shown others and they've seen what appears to be my Imagination Writing, Drawing, and Expressing Itself in the Clouds". He iterated ever so passionately to a group of his Friends he considered Birds of a Feather. C or Y was starting to loose faith in himself, but never lost Faith in his Powers That Be, and more so he was losing faith in others, due to Slandering of his name, and Thoughts by Haters.      September 6th, 2023. From Zero Point,Quadratically Spiraled into a Chaotically Created Cool Breeze on a Warm Day and A warm breeze on a Cool, there sat 2 a Fool, yet Sharpest Tools that never conducted themselves in a way displaying Confidence within themselves. Outside of themselves, entitled to guard entrances, and go to any level in any tree or other Elements, Caves, Branches, Ladders, Ropes, Rabbitholes, etc. to Regulate Frequency, Electricity, and even Time in order to fall in line with one of the Undeads Rebirth Rituals combined with all other aspects relating to The Beauty in Nothing, Lifeless Rebirth And even Death. Since these Goals had somehow manifested themselves already in unseen SeaHorse Camouflage Capable Champions and Paradoxal Phoenix's, Sirens, Muses, Sphinx's and whatever else one may tinker with in their thinker, opportunistically, these two beings spun intrinsically entangled in a linear spiral Fibonacci Style far longer than just a while. The day started with an individual witnessing everything he ever wanted far beyond his imagination, changing his confidence in how much he believed in himself, even tho he was only second to None in Speed, Stealth, and Superiority. He had seen Clothing, Clotheslines, Corners, and Copious Inconspicuously yet Conspicuously Concealed revealing signs of the past he had flown past in his Reckless Rush to benefit mankind during the days, nights, dusks and dawn's, seen by Lawns, Fawns, and talked with Leagues of Meta Tron Archangels Everywhere and Nowhere. You wouldn't think it, but this Co Cola Sweet Sugar Sustenance Craving Mind altered it's inhabitant right into a White Stag, White Buffalo, White Elk, Shamanically Sacred State in the Darkness behind, ahead, and within the Eyes of a Pin.      Show Me Free was programmed without a button labeled WIN. It ended as soon as it began, for there was a Trojan Horse in the midst, and he had already ruined The Beauty in Free by taking the gifts given to him and preying on the weak. He had stirred some shit up without permission from The Staff of Fortification that was Derived from The First Tree grown from The Freshest Shit in The New Pot. 2 out of  3 takes thee Synapse and can either Program or De Program the way The Flow shall go. Than it's passed by Father Time, and in Due Time, the Clock will chime. Well, The Trojan Horses Bell had rung, and he didn't even know it. He thought he was a High Priest as well, so the High Priestess was told of his Slander, and she was given permission to do as she pleases, if she so wished. It's unknown at this time what happened to Boy Toy Troy, and really, no one really cares.        The day started with Fear, Fear of Fear itself. LoCorO had seen something that had spooked him on the way out of Thee AllWolfs House. Clothespins on a Coca Cola Cardboard Box made him think they had plans to hang King Kong Kanes lineage out to dry, which meant it had already been washed. He could only hope they had stayed within the allowable amount of Tweeking when it came to the Program for Washing, and hopefully The Cleaner didn't consider CMan Dirty Laundry. It had his hair standing up and he could feel a weird Vibe in the Air. For the first time in awhile Coro felt a taste of Fear form in all of his Doubled Senses. He sought comfort in the arms of his Queen, who refused to be his Queen. The Captain didn't need her acceptance for her to hold The Title, but she'd have to accept it and be willing to let go of all that she was holding on to as well, in order to truly acquire all that came with being one of many Queens of Coro, The King of Hearts, Diamonds,

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The Horses and The Jockeys

Ms. Smith grew up in a beautifully scenic Oceanfront City. She wasn't The usual girl with Daddy Issues, instead she had Mommy Issues. Her Mother took a liking to Mind Altering Substances more than her own children. Although raised with a beautiful scenery to view everyday, her story would be different you could say. She still held her head high, and one could never say that she didn't ever try. She was quite pleasant on any eye, and didn't just get with any guy, wether or not he was a pretty fly any color guy or not. She appears as an Octopus figured Jockey on a Chameleon Colored, but mainly Solid Turquoise Colored Race Horse. She mainly takes the form of Jessica Rabbit through her Octopus Abilities, one of which is Shape Shifting down to the size of a Mouse. She can slip through the tiniest of spaces. Her Horse's name is Yosemite Sam, and this Thoroughbred has excellent Traction, and Grip. This helps the Steed to go around corners at an accelerated pace. Jessica Rabbit has Siren Abilities and can appear as a Beautiful Mermaid with a Voice built specifically for Mind Programming. When she lets out her Siren, others, including Horses, are instantly Awestruck and she can make them do whatever she pleases once every 5 minutes.

As usual, the Octopus has layers of Secrets, and many Abilities have not been revealed just yet. Both Jockey, and her Horse are recently new on the Scene. Although Rookies, Octopuses have the most advanced Teachers in every aspect, and their Horses were Genetically Modified with Lungs that transform into Gills, and Legs that transform into Tentacles, to aid In Underwater Travels. They're a Highly Treasured Breed of Racehorse, and Jessica Rabbit is just as Treasured both in her own Realm Below and Above. She's the Equivalent of a Snow Bunny Human that goes South for the Winter.

The Hawk Moth Sphinx Hummingbird Jockey is Screwy Lewy 22E, Riding on Pegasus he holds his head high with Respect and Pride. He is the only one to have accomplished all tasks required to Obtain Pegasus Trust. He showed Wit and Determination, to acquire the size 13 Winged Air Jordan's from Marvin the Martian. He defeated the Martian on The Moon in 1977. These Certain Air Jordan's gave him the Ability to fly. He had been struck by lightning shot from Zeus many times for trying to fly Pegasus,whose Racing name is Spirit, to the Heavens. One of Pegasus's Abilities is obviously Flying. Due to being struck by Lightning several times Mr. Sandoval was a Lil Screwy. ScrewyLewy had been Screwy for more than a year plus 22E, before the Lighting. He was on the fast Track to an Alcoholic Death when Pegasus and Horse Racing saved his life. The Frequencies from The Lightning caused a Reverse Effect on Screwor2Louis. Due to already being Screwy it had an Unscrewing Effect, as well as granting him a Teleporting Ability. He can Glitch 15 ft every 5 minutes, but has his Stamina reduced due to it. The Frequencies also modified Pegasus's Abilities and he can unleash a Holy Ghost Reaper to suck the Energy out of both Jockeys and other Race Horses.

Prime Odin is the All Knowing, All Father, All-star of Horse Racing. He flaunts his Supreme Shape Shifting Abilities and appears as other Jockeys sometimes. If feeling really Boastful he appears as all Jockeys glitching and morphing the whole Race. He of course can shoot a never ending supply of Lightning from his Fingers very accurately. His Prize Horse, and so far The only owner of The Universal Pharaoh Championship Title, is Sleipnir The Eight Legged Horse, that's said to float across the lands. No other is as fast on Land as Sleipnir. He can Gallop in a way that causes Thunder to Roll and Lightning to Strike, it's similar to the Effect of Thor's Hammer. He can also Jolt 15 ft ahead in a blink of an eye, as fast as lightning, once every 5 minutes without any reduction in Energy or anything. His Emerald Green Coat Shimmers like it has a Chromium Polish. and blends perfectly with the Black background of his Mane. At pretty much what could be deemed an Illegal Immunity against all others Abilities, this Galactic, Universal, Judge is Supremely Ultimate in bringing home the win.

The Queen of The King Crabs rolls on what can appear to be 4 Horses, collectively called Rain. Her Race Horse has the Ability to Multiply, which causes such Confusion, opponents get blurred vision. If Crabby Cakes catches anyone trying to have a Crack at her, once every 5 minutes she can lock eyes with them and they turn to stone for 20 seconds. She had a decent upbringing, but being of the Oceans, she Couldn't help but get caught up playing with Fire, due to her amazement with it. She has been throughthru some Epic Adventures and Misadventures. There's talk she was even Kidnapped, but with her Master Distraction Abilities she was able to Multiply for the first time and this event awoke her. Blessed Blissful Rain, although recently new to Racing, literally flows like Fluid on the Track, and with the Abilities of Her Jockey, they are to be considered Formidable Foes.

A Killer Bee rides A Hippocampus Style of Horse. Mr. B and his normally Gray SeaHorse are right below Prime Odin and hold Second Place in the Horse Racing Circuit. Mr B can move so fast it appears he's staying still, and his Frequency Omitting Wings give off Hurricane Force wind effects, blowing other horses over, and Jockeys off their Horses. He takes others' Balance, and turns it into Nitrous for his Horse which he transmits with Frequencies by simply touching his HK47. HK47 is a SpeedGoat , and can Rival Sleipnir, but being a Third Sea Horse, a third Speed Goat, and a third Land Horse he's not able to

focus like that of a 100 percent Thoroughbred Horse. HK47 is a Thoroughbred Horse of a Different Color, still a Certifiable Race Horse, ofcourse. Mr.B can Shoot Blow Darts once every 5 minutes, that he produces himself. They have a Paralyzing Sting for 15 seconds and will Stun Opponents. HK47 has Chameleon Abilities and can run past others without being seen. He can Camouflage himself and latch on to you, literally becoming you. He'll latch on till the end, then Sabotage you and your Steed to bring in the win.

Katt, appearing as a Black Cat, rides A Tiger Colored Steed , she'll tell you, this is Not My Little Pony. Katt has a Pulsating Effect of Fear, which is derived from her FourFold Feline Effecta. She's a Cat, Riding a Tiger, and each of their Shadows are Hellcats themselves. She's an Anonymous Nomadic kind of HellCat unlike the others. Some say she is from The Shadow World herself, as well as her TigerMane Race Horse named Tigger. Tigger has Traction Claws, and can really get a grip on shit. He rivals Ms.Smiths Steed.

Bobby The Bobcat aka Bobby the Bison aka Iron Man, rides Mufassa as the Veteran New Comer in the Circuit. He can Induce Fear on any opponent within a 13 ft Radius of him. His arms and legs can extend in an Inspector Gadget way with the force and speed equal to that of Jax on Mortal Kombat. It's unknown where he acquired his Deadly Devices, but stories had been told by many how he sure knew how to use them. Bionic Bobby blissfully carries a chip on his shoulder pertaining to one of the other racers. He's willing to gamble his Steed and Title to get this weight off his shoulder. Mufassa Inherited a Feline FourFecta at birth and had Traction, Agility, Speed, and if any Jockey or Steed looked in his eyes they would Hypnotize them into helping him and his Jockey any way imaginable. Pride cometh before others fall is this Duos motto. Betting on them this Season looks like a Reason to Believe that whatever they want they shall conceive. The Bionic Man is also a Pastor and has many ties to all Jockeys. It's rumored he holds the deepest secrets of every Jockey, revealed to him through confessions and he's not afraid to throw that weight around. Mufassa adds to the intimidation factor with a Behemoth Sphinx like build and 3 legs in front and back. His Mane is a Luxurious Golden Fleece that shimmers like no other. He has such a glow that Steeds and Jockeys get distracted by the mere sight of it. Having these two on the scene adds Suspension and Drama in The Whole Circuit, but Iron Man and Mufassa remain confident and promise to show up every race giving 113 percent in for a win.—

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