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Lydia Dixon is the daughter of Daryl, From season 9-11 Lydia will lose her lover friends and more. Hates:Being Abused. Likes:Fighting,Henry Peletier. Parent:Daryl. Dislikes:Alpha Beta Negan Palema and more. Also she is 17 and Daryl will adopt her in season 10 episode 1

Post-apocalyptique Tout public.

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Lydias pov:

I was wearing a mask and was forced to lead the walkers to the other side of bridge.

I saw someone fire a bow to a man of Alphas.

I turned around and saw more people.

I dropped the knife and sat on knees in fear.

And someone took me to some place and put me on a chair.

??:Who are you people??

Lydia:It was just us.



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