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Eleven Years Gone

(Verse 1)

I've been walking this road, way too long.

Got this feeling inside, something's all wrong.

Eleven years have passed since you've been gone.

But the pain in my heart, it carries on strong.


Mama, I miss you like it was yesterday.

Though I'm broken, I still need you in every way.

Every tear, every smile, feels like just the other day.

Eleven years gone, but it still feels like yesterday.

(Verse 2)

Every Sunday morning, without exception

I used to visit your grave.

But it's your wisdom and your love, I miss.

Through these heartfelt words, the memories pour.

Because in heartache and longing, they find no cure


The road of life, it sure has taken its toll.

But your spirit lives on, deep within my soul.

I may be shattered, but I won't let go.

Because in my heart, mama, you'll always grow.


So I'll keep singing, keep holding on.

The love and the memories,

they're all I have.

That's what keeps me strong.

Although you're gone, mama, I'll never be alone.

Because your spirit lives in my heart, it'll forever be shown.

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