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Astralis, a realm woven from the threads of light and shadow, stands at the crossroads of magic and destiny. Its borders echo with the whispers of ancient trees and the soft rustling of leaves, a symphony of nature's secrets. High spires of crystalline elegance rise above the lush landscapes, while shadowy forests conceal their mysteries in the depths.

Fantaisie Fantaisie sombre Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The Forbidden Birth

Astralis, a world of enchantment and magick where two distinct races dwelled under the eternal light of moons, the dark Animus and the bright Animas

As the moons' radiance intermingled, their energies birthed two races: the Dark Elves, who draw power from the shadowy essence of the dark Animus, and the Light Elves, who are infused with the brilliance of the bright Animas.

Light Elves, with their luminous eyes and ethereal countenance, believed in the purity of white magic and the sanctity of light. Dark Elves, on the other hand, were swathed in an aura of mystique, their eyes gleaming with a deeper understanding of the shadows and the hidden arts. The divide between these two races was not merely a cultural one but a forbidden one.

The energies that birthed the Dark and Light Elves were intrinsically linked to the harmony of their world, it was believed if a Dark Elf and a Light Elf were to unite their energies, it could unleash catastrophic consequences upon the world.

A sacred script was written by the old oracle of the Elves that lays in the heart of the Elven city, deep within the mystical woods, an ancient library housed the knowledge of generations. Within its hallowed halls lays this sacred script, a reminder of the forbidden union that was never to occur. It read:


"Let it be known that the cosmic energies that course through the veins of Dark Elves and Light Elves are both wondrous and perilous. Born of the moons, their destinies are entwined yet distinct. In the delicate dance of their existence lies the fate of our realm. We, the keepers of this knowledge, solemnly declare that the mingling of Dark and Light energies is forbidden. For to tamper with such forces is to risk the very fabric of our world.If one day such horrific event will occur death of your essence will be your punishment.''

Let this script stand as a reminder to all who tread upon this knowledge. Let it serve as a beacon of wisdom, urging caution and restraint. The legacy of our ancestors and the harmony of our world must be upheld above all else."

But destiny has a way of weaving its threads, even when they are hidden from sight.One fateful night, when the moons graced the sky with their radiant presence, an event occurred that would shake the foundations of Astralis. A strange and rare celestial alignment coincided with the birth of a child unlike any before. A forbidden child born of both Dark and Light Elf blood, entered the world under the twinkling gaze of Animus and Animas.

As the child took his first breath, a shiver passed through the air, like the touch of a cool night breeze. The forest depths seemed to hum with a newfound energy, a blend of mystique and curiosity, the child cries echoed through the trees, a shiver ran down the spine of every elf. Their intuition sensed a disturbance in the natural order. The air grew still, and even the crickets' chirping ceased.

Obsidia's obsidian eyes glistened with tears of both joy and sorrow. She held the child in her arms, her touch gentle and protective. A swirl of emotions, fierce and unyielding, coursed through her. She had known that their love would have terrible consequences but as she looked at the fragile life in her arms, she couldn't regret the choices that had led to this moment.

—Aistariana...Obsidia whispered, the name like a delicate spell woven with love and hope.

Lod's eyes shimmered with a mixture of awe and tenderness as he heard the name, Aistariana, from Obsidia's lips. The weight of their forbidden love, the challenges they faced, and the future that lay ahead seemed to gather in that single word. He nodded, a soft smile gracing his lips, as he brushed a finger against Aistariana's delicate cheek.

—She is a miracle, Obsidia. Our love has given birth to something wondrous...

Tears welled in Obsidia's eyes as she held Aistariana to her chest.

—What will become of her, Lod? The rulers of Astralis will not take kindly to our defiance. They will come for us.

Lod's expression was resolute, his determination unwavering.

—We will face the consequences together, Obsidia. Our love is worth any price, and Aistariana deserves a chance to live and love freely.

As the cries of their newborn daughter filled the glade, the forest seemed to hold its breath, as if in reverence to the moment. The ancient trees whispered secrets to the wind, and the leaves rustled in a melodic response. Lod and Obsidia exchanged a knowing glance, their hearts entwined in a silent promise to protect and nurture the life they had brought into the world.

—We must cherish every moment we have with her... Obsidia said, her voice filled with a mixture of sadness and determination.

Lod nodded, his fingers intertwining with Obsidia's. In their hearts, they knew that their choice would bring terrible consequences but for now, in the heart of the forest, they held onto the precious moment, their love is stronger than any rule, their hope is burning brighter than any star in the sky.

The intimate moment was suddenly interrupted by the the rustling of leaves and the soft padding of footsteps that echoed through the forest, like a symphony of nature's whispers that drew closer with each passing moment.

Lod and Obsidia hearts started racing in tandem with the approaching presence. Obsidia's obsidian eyes were wide with apprehension, while Lod's expression was resolute, his determination bolstered by an unshakeable resolve.

—Obsidia... Lod's voice was a steady murmur, carrying with it a promise of protection.

—Fear not..

As the footsteps drew nearer, a soft radiance began to emanate from Lod's hands, a brilliant white light that seemed to dance and shimmer like the purest starlight. It wrapped around his fingers, an embodiment of his magic and his determination to safeguard the ones whom he loved.

The rustling leaves became more pronounced, the presence growing stronger and stronger, until finally, a figure stepped into the forest. It was Drogo a figure that captures the attention of all who behold him, his features are carved with sharp precision, each line and contour a testament to his origins as a Dark Elf ruler.His black hair falls down his shoulders,like waterfall that shimmers in the midnight sky. His skin is pale as the moon's glow,it seems to radiate an almost unnerving purity. His eyes, obsidian crystals devoid of warmth, the reflection of the void that resides within his heart.Despite his beauty, there is an aura of cold detachment that surrounds Drogo. His presence commands attention, but it is laced with an undercurrent of unease. His lips are often twisted in a half-smirk, a knowing curve that hints at a cruel amusement derived from the suffering of others,his heart is like a stone untouched by the grace of rain, it beats not with the warmth of emotion, but with the unyielding resolve to uphold tradition and power. His actions are driven by a sense of duty, but also a ruthlessness that knows no bounds, a shadow that stretches across his enchanting exterior.

His black eyes like the void settled on Aistariana. There was a moment of tense silence, an unspoken understanding. The whispers of Astralis seemed to cling to him, amplifying his unease and displeasure. As his gaze shifted from Aistariana to Lod, his features contorted with a mixture of anger and disdain. The very air around him seemed to vibrate with tension, shadows swirling as if reflecting the turmoil within his heart. The revelation of the forbidden bond had ignited a fury within him.

—You dare bring this abomination into our realm?... Drogo's voice was a low growl, each word dripping with venom.

—Your reckless actions have defied our ways and threatened the balance of Astralis.

Lod's eyes blazed with a mixture of protectiveness and defiance as he stepped slightly in front of Aistariana. The memories of the bond he shared with Obsidia, the love they had nurtured against all odds, fueled his resolve.

—Drogo... Lod's voice carried an undercurrent of authority, his gaze unyielding as it met the ruler's furious glare.

—This is our child, a testament to the love we share. She is not an abomination, but a symbol of unity and change.

A mischievous grin slowly crept across Drogo's face, his lips curling up at the corners in a subtle but unmistakable smirk.

—I will not allow this transgression to go unpunished..

Drogo's magic began crackling around him like an aura of fury. Lod's expression hardened, his body tensing as his own magic responded to the threat before him. The white light that had once surrounded him now reappeared, brighter and more potent, a manifestation of his determination to protect his family.

—You threaten my family, and I will not hesitate to defend them...

Lod's voice held a note of warning, his stance unwavering as he faced Drogo's anger. The air grew charged with anticipation, a volatile energy that seemed to hold its breath, waiting for the inevitable clash. The black eyes of Drogo started glinting with a malevolent fire,his fury had reached a point of no return.His fury was known all over Astralis but no one had seen him releaseingthe power that he held. With a flick of his fingers, Drogo summoned an otherworldly power, a manifestation of his mastery over the void energy. The air around him quivered with the dark magic that danced like shadows, coalescing into tiny shards of eerie darkness. His intent was clear, and even the forest seemed to hold its breath in apprehension. Lod, his resolute expression unchanged, faced the impending assault with a steadfast determination. His white magic pulsed around him like a protective shield, a promise to his unwavering love and readiness to defend his family. But as Drogo's black eyes bore into Lod's, the intensity of his dark energy surged, the shards of eerie darkness taking on a sinister gleam. The clash of magic was immediate, the very fabric of Astralis quivering as the forces of light and darkness collided. The tiny shards of darkness, fueled by Drogo's void energy, sliced through Lod's defenses like ethereal daggers. Lod's magic flickered, the brilliance fading as each shard found its mark. The glade seemed to tremble with the impact, the very ground shaking as Lod staggered back, his aura of white light dimming with each strike. His expression contorted with pain, his resolve unwavering even in the face of defeat. The shards of darkness cut through him, piece by piece, as if unraveling his essence. Obsidia, her obsidian eyes wide with horror and grief, watched the devastation unfold before her. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she cried out in agony, her voice a desperate plea for mercy.

—Stop, please! Spare him!"

But Drogo's malevolent smile only widened, his satisfaction evident in the cruel curve of his lips. He reveled in the destruction he had wrought, the darkness of his eyes reflecting the depths of his malice. The shards of eerie darkness continued their relentless assault, erasing Lod's presence piece by piece. As Lod's form dwindled, his strength waning, Obsidia's anguish deepened. She fell to her knees, Her voice cracked with sorrow, her cries growing louder with every passing moment.

—Please, have mercy! Spare him, spare us!

Drogo's power remained unchecked, the shards of darkness relentless in their destructive dance. The once-grand figure of Lod was reduced to nothing but fragments, his essence scattered like stardust in the wind and then, as Drogo's assault subsided, the forest fell into a heavy silence. The remnants of Lod's white magic faded, the brilliance extinguished by the darkness that had triumphed. Drogo's malevolent smirk persisted, a chilling testament to his victory.Obsidia's sobs echoed through the forest, her grief palpable as she cradled the space where Lod once stood. She stared at Drogo with a mixture of hatred and despair, her obsidian eyes brimming with tears.

—Please, let our child live... please...

Drogo's gaze shifted momentarily to a figure within his army, a loyal Dark Elf whose eyes gleamed with subservient obedience. Without uttering a word, he conveyed his command.

—Take the child... Drogo's voice was like a serpent's hiss, a command that carried the weight of his authority.

The loyal Dark Elf moved forward, his steps purposeful as he approached Obsidia, who held Aistariana in her arms. The forest seemed to tremble in response, the very essence of Astralis recoiling from the cruelty that was about to unfold. As the loyal Dark Elf reached for Aistariana, Obsidia's eyes widened with a mixture of fear and protectiveness. She clutched her daughter to her chest, her voice trembling as she protested.

—No, please... don't take her!

But the loyal Dark Elf remained undeterred, his gaze cold and unfeeling as he reached for the child. His fingers brushed against Aistariana's small form, his touch invasive and unwelcome.

Drogo's malevolent smile widened as he watched the scene unfold. The very shadows of the glade seemed to dance with his amusement, as if nature itself had surrendered to his dark will.

—You see, Obsidia, these are the consequences of your defiance... his voice dripping with vindictiveness.

Drogo's eyes glinted with a sadistic satisfaction as his power coiled around him. Without hesitation, he unleashed his dark magic, the void energy surging forward like a tidal wave. Obsidia's scream echoed through the forest as the magic consumed her disintegrating into nothingness.

The loyal Dark Elf retreated, holding Aistariana in his arms as the forest fell into a chilling silence. The devastation was complete, the aftermath a testament to the darkness that had triumphed.With a commanding gesture Drogo opened before him, a portal that shimmered with an ethereal darkness. The void energy surged forward, reaching out to the Light Elf ruler known as Sol, the very embodiment of radiance and balance.As the light ruler arrived in the forest, his luminous eyes widened in shock at the scene that greeted him. The grass smoldered where Lod and Obsidia once stood, a stark contrast to the serene beauty that had once characterized the glade. Sol's expression was a mix of sorrow and understanding, a recognition of the fury that had led to this point.

—Drogo... Sol's voice held a note of sadness, his gaze unwavering as he faced the harbinger of darkness.

—What have you done?...

Drogo's malevolent smirk remained, but there was a touch of weary satisfaction in his eyes.

—I have cleansed Astralis of their defiance. The forbidden bond is almos broken.. his gaze shifted to Aistariana.

Sol sighed, his eyes filled with a mixture of sadness and regret.

—Their love defied the balance of Astralis .....the price of their defiance was too high but necessary."

The tension in the air was palpable, as if the very realm held its breath, awaiting the next twist in their fate.After a tense exchange of words, the rulers of the realm reached a consensus, a shared understanding that transcended their differences. Aistariana's fate was decided.

— She would be banished to Earth, a world devoid of magic.

With a final nod, Sol extended his hand, his golden aura enveloping the portal he had brought with him. Drogo's magic intertwined with the radiance of Sol's power, creating a gateway between worlds. The shimmering portal beckoned, a gateway to an unknown destiny.

Drogo turned to his loyal Dark Elf, a silent command passing between them. The loyal Dark Elf approached, his arms cradling Aistariana, who was oblivious to the world-altering decisions being made on her behalf.

As the portal to Earth opened before them, Drogo's dark eyes settled on Aistariana, his expression momentarily unreadable. With a final flicker of his power, he entrusted her to the loyal Dark Elf's care, a silent promise to ensure her safety.And then, with a sense of inevitability, the loyal Dark Elf stepped through the portal with Aistariana in his arms. The portal closed behind them, leaving Astralis forever changed in its wake.Drogo and Sol exchanged a final glance, a silent acknowledgment of the choices they had made. The realm of Astralis stood at a crossroads, a tapestry woven with threads of light and shadow, destiny and sacrifice, with time Astralis began to heal, slowly knitting the fabric of their world back together.As the days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, the once-fragile harmony of Astralis began to strengthen. The boundaries between the High Elves and the Dark Elves remained. The lessons learned from the forbidden bond between Lod and Obsidia had left an indelible mark, a testament to the power of love, defiance, and the consequences of their actions.

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