Zoraida medina

A prostituite coming to the castle to become a butler for better pay, but finds love instead. This is a BL. I’m most definitely gonna add smut at some point. Don’t be surprised if I decide not to write on time for a minute. Sometimes my brain just stops making creative juices. I’m just making this for fun, but I’ll try to update frequently

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The Beginning

It was Oliver's first day as a butler. Though he was a butler he stood out quite well. long hair that was put in a ponytail, with dark brown eyes and a crooked nose. with a bit of feminine charm.

He walked into the castle with his suitcase. it was a bit tattered, but oliver couldn't bare to get rid of it. As he walked in he was greeted by a short old woman. she had a blonde bun with big red glasses that made her eyes look beady.

"You must be the new butler. im Gertrude, the headmaid" she said with a warm smile.

"Pleasure to meet you, ma'am. I'm Oliver"

"You dont need to be so polite. just call me Gertrude" she said patting oliver's head. Oliver was a bit startled by the sudden affection, but he didnt hate it.

"If you don't mind me asking, where is the head butler?" oliver asked.

"He's out sick today, so im here to show you around" Gertrude said. Oliver nodded in response.

"Now let's stop yapping and I'll show you to your room" Getrude retorted as she gestured oliver to follow her and he did. Soon they were in front of a wooden door.

"I'll leave you to your room for today, supper is at 9pm, breakfast is at 9am and you'll start the training tommorrow." Gertrude said before walking away leaving Oliver with his room.

Oliver entered the room locking it behind him. He was pretty tired. Not to mention... sex deprived. He sat on the bed with a sigh. Before Oliver took up a job as a butler he worked as a prosituite. He wanted to move away from that life though, and earn more money by working a better job.

he took off his shirt to take a breath of air and he got comfortable in his bed. He soon drifted to sleep. hoping that this experience at the castle would be good.


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Zm Zoraida medina
So this is my first time writing a story with sexual scenes. Take note that I’m planning to make this a pretty short story, so you’ll probably get them soon. Don’t be surprised if I leave to go get milk every once in a while
August 26, 2023, 06:39

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