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Met by Ice

I'm slipping and sliding on the ice, running away from the Frost Giants.

I can't get caught today. I think to myself as I hide in a nearby cave. As soon as I know that I am hidden, I sink to my knees, crying.

My name is Cameron Rogers. Steve Rogers, Captain America as the world knows, is my father. I had accidentally ended up on the Jotunhiem planet, after falling from the Bi-frost. Hela was chasing after Loki and Thor, I was right behind Thor, I fall. As does Thor and Loki.

"Help me," I had whispered into the cold winds. The Bi-Frost suddenly opened up, finally. Someone was listening. It took me up and into the colorful beam.

Sakaar. That is the planet that we had to have landed on. It's where everything that falls goes. I hold my breath. But that was after. Let's take you back to the beginning...

"NO!" My dad tells me, "I know what you're feeling, but that does not make it okay." I

narrow my eyes at him, "Excuse me?" I gasp, "Just because you are my father does not mean that you can tell me who I should like."

We are arguing over who is better, Sam and Colby or Danny Gonzales. I chose Sam and Colby. He chose Danny Gonzales. I have nothing against Danny Gonzales, as a matter of fact, I find him absolutely hilarious.

"Your choice is wrong." I tell him, "Mine is better. They do more than just sit-down videos, unlike yours."

No one would peg Steve Rogers as someone who loves YouTube. But guess what. He does. Sometimes more than me. He pushes me over.

I laugh.

"You know I am right, Dad." Dad shakes his head.

I smile at him, knowingly, and get up, " I am going to go make some more popcorn. Don't move to the next Vampire Diaries episode without me."

Yes, we were arguing over YouTube while the best show ever made was on. I take out my phone as soon as I am out of earshot, and call Loki. Yes, I know I shouldn't be doing that, but I can't help it. He's my boyfriend. Dad can't know.

"What are you doing, calling me like this." Loki, asks sharply. I sigh, I'm used to him speaking to me like this.

I reply softly, "I missed you. I just wanted to hear your voice."

I hear him sigh.

"Look," I hear him pause, and during this pause, I hear a woman's giggle in the background.

I close my eyes and listen closely.

"Come back to bed Loki, Baby." I shake my head, even though he can't see me.

"I'm busy working at the moment. " He says quietly to the woman in the background, probably hoping that I wouldn't hear.

I scoff, "Busy doing what? I thought you loved me. Fuck you." I quickly hang up. That's the third time he's cheated on me. It's time for revenge.

This time, he's going to regret doing this to me.

I honestly do not give a care


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