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Hello! Welcome to my first published book on here! I’ll be publishing my other book “Angels Love” soon!! Things I ask: Please don’t copy Please don’t steal and use for your own benefit. This book is not copyrighted and most is made by me. ALL CREDITS TO PINTEREST AND THE PHOTOS USED FROM IT. !!!CREDIT TO CANVA FOR BACKGROUND FOR MY BOOK COVER!!! And lastly, ENJOY THE BOOK 📚

Post-apocalyptique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © Just so you know, Credit for background picture goes to Pinterest. I forgot to give credit. Sorry!!

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Zoey Sat up from her hospital bed Zoned out as she looked around Frantically Horrified on how she exactly got here with confusion in her eyes all she remembered was getting Bitten by a Zombie. She tried to get up failing to as a doctor knocked on the door as she was the only doctor working since it was so called "Abandoned"

As the doctor walked in Zoey Made a run for it and Jumped out the window as she Fell to the ground and Grunted getting up gasping for breath as she saw a boy from her school Named Matthew, who was Very wealthy before the apocalypse happened. I didn't get a very good glance as I heard Groaning from a Dead zombie nearby and Got my Gun out ready to shoot. As the zombie Quickly Approached me. But before I could Shoot Matthew did the favor for me as I breathed heavily not able to thank him in time. As I ran to a nearby shelter to stay for the night as it had old Clothes and An 1st aid kit and some food as well. I sat at the kitchen in the shelter and ate as an grown guy approached me that looked like he got beaten up by zombies or perhaps worse. I didn't let my guard down and Pointed my gun Up at him as a warning and like all people he surrendered and put his hands up and dropped his weapons waiting for me to trust him but I don't know he doesn't give a Good vibe.

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