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Meet Kevin Daxx, Cytorae City's pretty boy and master botanist. His love for plants matches his knowledge of them...

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Too Much Love

"MOM! STOP! JUST LET ME GO TO THE DAMN MEETING!" I snapped, furious at my mother's overbearing personality.

"Why!?" She said to me while standing in front of the automatic front door of the house, acting as a barricade.

"You have everything you need here at home! You got food, Holo Vision, all the textbooks on Cinthyatar plant life I could find for you. You don't need friends, baby boy! All you need is your mommy!"

"Mom, you're being super unintelligent right now..." I said to her, wanting to say 'Stupid' really badly.

"We are social creatures. It's ingrained in our biology from the moment we are born, whether it be through your reproductive system or, in my case, through your genes. Just because you wanted to safety proof your life doesn't mean you can do me that way!" I continued to explain to my mother, who now appeared to be quite shocked.

"I'm going to the volunteer meeting today, mom. Get away from the door, or I'll have no choice but to move you myself..."

It was then that my mom approached me with a look of defeat on her face. Upon reaching me, I looked up at her with genuine concern on my face as she placed her gently placed her left hand onto my right cheek and rubbed it with her thumb.

"You're right, baby boy." I heard her say with a soft whisper as tears poured out of her eyes, rolling down her cheeks.

"You won't get anywhere in life if I continue to treat you like you aren't a man, Kevin. But you are. You may not have a father, but you are more of a man than any of the men I kissed in my life. And what kind of mother does that make me if I don't let you tackle the world? Not one at all..."

After hearing her lecture, I teared up as my mother pulled me close and wrapped her arms around me. I did the same, hugging her tight as I began to cry into her right shoulder.

"Thank you..." I said into her shoulder as she rubbed my short blonde hair with her left hand.

"I should be thanking you, baby." She whispered to me as she leaned in to kiss my forehead.

"For all the good you're going to do for this world. Go..."

I couldn't help but smile upon hearing my mother's inspiring words as I began to leave the Daxx Household. I felt a sense of courage and determination as headed to the Cytorae Technological Innovation Center to pursue my dreams of helping Cinthyatar thanks to her, but only through constant arguments. I knew she meant well. It was just my mom's persistent paranoid delusions of me suffering any form of injury, and I mean ANY...

To everyone who knew her, Sandra Daxx suffered intensely from Algophobia or the 'fear of pain'. So much so that when she had sexual intercourse for the first time and her hymen broke, the sight of her blue blood let her into having an emotional breakdown. She never wanted to have sex ever again. Also, when my mom had to be shown how pregnancy worked and the process of birthing children through virtual simulation, she was terrified of the pain that had been inflicted on her body during it, vowing to never give birth as long as she lived...

Which led to my existence. Desperate to have a kids of her own, my mom went to an old friend of hers, and with his help, extracted a cell from her body to nurture into a fetus. However, female Cinthyans who become mature adults generate their own unique cellular code as opposed to having it when they are younger. Cinthyan children have three different genetic codes in their make-up before reaching adolescence: Their mother's, their father's, and their own. Once they become adults, though, their parents' codes completely vanish. Not only that, but the cellular code becomes either entirely masculine or feminine depending on the sex of the child. Based on that, I spent my 22-year-old birthday wondering why I didn't come out a girl...

It wasn't long before I figured out the truth. Well, part of the truth. In order to have turned my into a boy, my mom needed to agree to having a semen sample used in the nurturing process by whoever was responsible for my inception. To this day, she hasn't revealed to me who that man is and refuses to.

As I arrived at the entrance outside of the CTIC building, I felt a strong sense of rejuvenation. The sight of people walking in and out as well as around the sidewalks behind me, I felt like I was in my element. And I was.

My mom and I are natural extroverts. As time went on, though, she made me more introverted due to her paranoid delusions of me getting hurt. But whenever we would go out to eat, do grocery shopping, or even just sit at the park, I felt like never wanting to set foot in my household again. The simple 'Good Morning' and 'Hello' I'd get from people passing by always sent me into a gitty mood. Like I was born to socialize with anyone who came into contact with me. I was proven right upon entering the building...

As soon as the black automatic double doors opened for me, I accidentally bumped into a stunningly beautiful young woman. She wore a black short sleeve button-up shirt and matching colored knee-high leather skirt with black opaque leggings on underneath and light brown thigh-high boots. Unfortunately, though, I saw that her snazzy red glasses flew right off her face and onto the black tiled floor down below...

"MY GLASSES!" I heard her shout desperately as she dropped down to knees in search of them.


"Ma'am..." I said to her calmly while also getting down on my knees.

I immediately found and picked up her cool looking glasses, holding them up to her face with my right hand before placing my left hand onto her right shoulder.

"I believe I have what you're looking for right here. Let me help you out real quick..."

As I saw the beautiful young woman sit up straight on her knees, I opened up the frames of her snazzy glasses and put them on in between her ears as well as onto top of her nose. After a few moments of adjusting, I looked on with a smile as I saw her gorgeous pink eyes stare back at me with mesmerization through the lenses.

"All better now?" I asked her, still holding my smile.

It was then that I felt the need to introduce myself, not knowing that shorty after doing so, I ended up making my first ever friend...

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