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The Message

I woke up in my fancy bed, sitting upright as my entire body shivered out of fear of the nightmare I had just experienced. Luckily for me, my loyal maid was at my bedside, or so I thought...

"Everything alright, Mistress Taniko?" the dirty blonde maiden asked with genuine concern in her voice.

"You had me worried sick..."

"It was just a dream, Ms. Manyel..." I answered her with a confused tone of voice as I gripped her left hand with my right.

"A really bad one this time."

"It had to have been, mistress." the maid responded somberly.

"You were screaming at the top of your lungs!"

I was staring at Ms. Manyel dumbfounded as to why she was in my room and was extremely kind to me, with my loyal maid nowhere in sight. Compared to the other maids, I've given her the most hell and even threatened to throw her out of the mansion on multiple occasions for simply making me angry. It was just so awfully strange to see Ms. Manyel of all maids tending to my health...

"Are you hungry, dear?" The dirty blonde woman asked me with sweetness in her voice.

I gently nodded in response, admitting that I was feeling a little famished.

The maiden then whistled, and I looked over as my loyal maid came into my room through the bedroom door, holding a smorgasbord of breakfast food. Everything that I liked was one there: Applewood bacon, scrambled eggs with pepper, mini pancakes with maple syrup, lightly drizzled on top, smoked sausage links ,and a bowl of frost wheat flakes. It was my dream breakfast...

"Oh my..." I said to her while looking back at Ms Manyel.

"What did I do to deserve such a wonderful morning breakfast?"

"You just being yourself." The maid answered with a closed eyed smile.

She then motioned me to get up from the bed before the loyal maid placed the smorgasbord on it.

"Lyanna will help you get your hair done, mistress Taniko."

I was floored. I never thought I'd see the day that the grumpiest maid of my home would cater to me to this extent! The whole thing felt like it was a dream in and of itself. Taking my loyal maid's hand, I followed her to my master bathroom so she could wash and tidy up my long, straight blonde hair...

Thought out the day, I went about my daily routine: watching TV, reading some erotic stories, and playing the harp. However, I spent the entire afternoon on the couch in my luxury living room texting my fling in hopes we could flirt, only to be ignored. I sat up angrily, cursing his name in my head so that the other maids who were cleaning around me didn't know that I was extremely promiscuous. I had an image to uphold after all...

"That damned Anthony!" I thought to myself as I stared at the several messages I had sent to him, hoping he would respond.

"Was I just another booty call to you!?"

I was so angry at my secret partner that I stormed up to my room and slammed the door shut. Upon entering, I threw myself face first onto my fancy bed and flaired my arms and legs around like a child throwing a temper tantrum. My heart didn't want to believe that Anthony was a man whore but my thoughts were in charge. To me, he was.

"FUCK YOU ANTHONY! YOU FUCKING PIG!" I shouted into my pillow, let out a shill scream into it shortly thereafter.

As a wealthy young woman, I didn't like to feel used by men.

After the inheritance I received from my late parents, tons of men came about into my life to not only take advantage of my financial situation but also my body. Most men that I had slept with knew I was a sex addict, always chasing the next ride. It had reached levels to where I began to enjoy being another man's secret mistress, even if he were married. It nearly got me killed a few times, having been caught and gotten into physical altercations with the wives, but the thrill of getting caught excited me! I just couldn't get enough of the feelings. That's why Anthony was pissing me off, I made it known to me that he liked what we were doing more than his own marriage, and the longer he stayed silent, the more betrayal I felt. It all faded and went away upon feeling my smartphone vibrate on the bed next to me...

Excited, I quickly sat up and snatched my phone up from my right side and looked at the screen. I was all smiles, seeing that I did get a brand new message from Anthony. I eagerly pressed it and was immediately confused by it.


Concerned, I got up from my fancy bed queen sized bed and looked around my room for a letter. Check my nightstand, no letter. Went and looked in the master bathroom, nothing. I looked and looked, finding no sign of a letter. That was until I checked under my bed...

Looking down, I saw a white letter with a red seal on it laying on the floor. I quickly snatched it up with my left hand and began to walk toward my vanity mirror as it opened it. Upon getting the seal undone. I was so eager to read what Anthony had written, only to not be. He didn't write this letter. It was someone else entirely. And as I read it, I felt my soul begin to leave my body...

"It's over, Taniko. I know everything. You slept with my husband and utterly destroyed my marriage. Anthony fought with me day in and day out until I did the unthinkable, I killed him. I had no choice but to because of what YOU did. I loved him, but you made him love you more. That's okay, though. Today is your last day on earth anyway. By the time you read this, I'm going to gut you like the pig you are. Just like how I did my husband, Anthony." It read with small trace amounts of blood stains on it.

Immediately after reading the horrific letter, I felt a sharp prick in my back as I looked down. My eyes widened at the sight of the blade end of a steak knife emerging out from my abdomen as blood began to stain my white gown. My legs then began to feel like jelly as I fell forward and onto my back, placing my my left hand onto my would and dropping the letter. Looking up, I saw who had stabbed me from behind. Ms. Manyel...

"Sorry, dear." I heard her say as she got down on her knees next to me on at my left side.

"When you play with fire..."

Without warning, I watched helplessly as Ms. Manyel slammed the bloody steak knife into the upper left side of my chest, puncturing my heart.

"You will eventually get burned." I heard her finish as I took my final breaths...

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