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Corrine Peverel has always been able to see magic. She ends up going to hogwarts, where she crosses paths with Tom Riddle. They start out as rivals, but over time she comes to like him. She sets out to help him and keep him from becoming a monster.

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Rose Rising

The manor was silent as the girl walked down the hallway. It was 7:30am and she was the only one awake at this hour. Normally, she would be asleep still. But something had her on edge. So now she was walking alone through the halls of her home.

"You are restless, young one." a voice said as she turned the corner and saw the portrait of her ancestor,

"Something is happening. I felt the magic." she looked at the old man as she came to a stop. The silk cream colored night dress swayed softly as she stopped.

"my dear, things are in motion. And when the time is right you will know what your destiny is. But you must embrace it." he chuckled at she looked at him in irritation.

"won't you ever tell me instead of speaking in riddles?" she jumped as all the candles in the hall went out, leaving her in shadow. Thankfully the sun was starting to rise, so it wasn't completely dark.

"There is someone who needs your help to avoid the darkness. What you do with this is up to you." she huffed and started her way towards her rooms. She knew that she wouldn't understand her feelings until later.


Several days had passed as Corrine awaited the arrival of her parents. They had gone to England for some business trip and had written that they had news for her.

"Miss Corrine, yous being summoned to Masters office." Dela her personal elf appeared next to her desk. She stood up and maneuvered around the elf as she made her way from the room in silence.


She was greeted by both her parents, looking both excited and nervous.

" Corrine. Please sit. "

She sat in her favorite chair, which was made of dark purple velvet. Her father had it commissioned for her as a present for her 12th birthday. She wasn't spoiled, but she did get grand things as presents for all her birthdays. Her 14th gift had been her black owl that hated everyone but her.

"Your mother and I have decided that we are returning to England. But we decided to ask you of your opinion." Father was sitting in his jet black chair, it was made of leather and had a hidden wand holster on the chair. It had been mother's idea.

"I have no issue with returning. I assume that I will be going to Hogwarts then?" I asked, I spied a letter sitting on his desk and from the symbol, I knew my answer. I would be leaving France for Hogwarts. I didn't know how I felt. But I had already agreed to go.

" Yes. I would advise you pack. We are having the manor packed as well. We will also need to go to Diagon Alley before going to the Peverel Estate. Be ready by morning." he stood up and held his arm out to Mother, who smiled and took his arm. Corrine watched them leave the room before taking the letter and following them out into the hallway.

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