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Pretty Woman

Pretty woman,

come play with me.

Pretty woman,

can you be naughty?

Pretty woman,

I like your style.

Pretty woman,

Can you stay for awhile?

This lovely lady in red,

or when,

she wears black instead,

is so gorgeous,

so damn beautiful.

I feel so lucky,

so blessed...

Pretty woman,

can I kiss those lips?

Pretty woman,

Shake those hips.

Pretty woman,

What do you say?

Pretty woman,

All night and day.

This beautiful lady indeed,

has me

down upon my knees.

Lust and love,

no regrets.

I'll do anything for her love.

Take all bets,

that she will always be mine.

Forever together

until the end of time.

Pretty woman,

I love you!

Pretty woman,

My Indigo Blue!



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