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Ever since she was a little girl, Harmony always dreamed of a prince swooping her up and taking her away in his arms, she always dreamed of her other half, but after finding out what she is. She runs away from home and learns on the run that her family is dead. And then she meets Hadrian Montgomery and things change. For better or worse? You find out.

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A young dark-skin female looked around, she was currently walking through the forest. Her mix-match blue and purple eyes squinted and saw a shadow up ahead.

“ Who are you?” a deep voice boomed.

Harmony whimpered and made herself smaller than she normally was. She could tell this boy in front of her would be Alpha.

“ My name is Harmony ”.

The pale, dark-haired male sneered as a growl rumbles from his chest. “ Well, harmony what are you doing here?”.

The young female tried not to upset the boy, and who knows maybe he had other people waiting for him.

“ I can't find my parents and sister, I don't know where they are” The young female whimpered.

Hadrian Montgomery frowned and then started to think. That's when he got an idea.

“ you can come with my pack. We'll treat you nicely. You'll be like an extra family. Just until your parents come back. What do you say, Harmony ”.

Harmony's ears perked up and she felt excitement. “ Yes, Please ”

If only she knew.

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