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In the quiet Hisui region, Cyndaquil, Oshawott, and Rowlet grieve the loss of their fellow Trainers, who were wonderful people. Together, they decide to embark on a grueling, yet special journey to move on from the losses that have corrupted them. Meanwhile, Froslass, with a hate of humanity, decides to use her grief as a motivation to freeze the entirety of the Hisui region! Can the three Starters make it through the journey without Froslass’ plan interfering. Find out in this wonderful tale about overcoming grief.

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" No."

In the Hisui region, Cyndaquil, Oshawott, and Rowlets' loyal Trainers had passed away, leaving them isolated in the crazy world.

The three have been grieving the losses ever since this morning.

" Are you ok, Cyndaquil?" asked Rowlet, depressed.

He was normally adventurous, so seing Rowlet this devastated was upsetting.

" Yes." sniffed Cyndaquil.

Tears streaming from her eyes, Cyndaquil latched herself onto Oshawott's shoulder and began weeping.

" It's ok, Cyndaquil." replied Oshawott, " Everything will be.."

He began to cry as well, and Rowlet followed.

The three were devastated once they had learn that their Trainers died, and it had carried them through the afternoon

Grief had struck the Hisuian Starters' hearts like lightning

Lightning that had been stored in. clouds for ten years.

" Will we ever be happy again?" sniffled Cyndaquil.

" I don't know." replied Rowlet.

Even though the trio tried to handle their grief naturally, Froslass had an entirely different approach.

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