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Her Secret Love …Does it explored till the end? She is an intellectual person, An excellent problem Solver . One day she try to find solution for a biggest complicationof her life. She found the answer..Its changes her life… Huh?? mmm.. magic?? -Ofcourse LOVE is magic -Janani as Janu - Bala Chandrakanth as guru -Psychology -World’s cutest Smile -Was it love at first sight?? - Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg… -Silence - Smile -Romance -Untold Love -Seperation -Tragedy -Surprise or Shock?? - A ….n….d….T….h….e….n….? -Let see…… It’s the story Of her secret love

Romance Suspense romantique Tout public. © Malar SM 2018

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It is not everyday she sit in front of  the swing of her house.A voice came from inside of the bedroom.

Again a voice came..."Janu..Janu......". She does not respond.She is not deaf.But her absence of mind turnoff her ears from the outside world.Her aunt came near the swing and smacked her back.Her aunt wakes up her from the unconsciousness.

'Don't collapse yourself,everything will be settle soon' aunt consoled her and suggests her to talk with her amma who lost her husband just a week ago.

She climbed up the steps and walked past a room where her mother sits with gazed at the opened window.

'maa..'she called in  semi whispered vocal tone.

She gave her an understanding nod.It is the first time she saw her amma without bindi on her forehead.

'You okay?' she asked.

'Huh?Yeah' she said and asked about the call letter for master degree.

'I am impartial now' she said.

'You are not an ordinary girl Janu' her amma said in clear tone.

She kept quite.

She didn't say a word.Her amma continued,'Don't forget your Appa' s desire'

She understand what her amma trying to say.She walked back to the garden.The one-hour walk in the moo

n light made her feel better temporarily.But her Appa' s face continuously flashed on her mind.Her eyes get tears up.She did not cry like other girls.But her love with appa made her eyes as the greatest waterfall.

A shadow of her brother,Arjun made her to turn back.She wiped her tears.'what are you doing here?' He said.

She let out a huge sigh.Tears  had flushed her face red.

'Nothing' she said.

The fresh breeze flew her hair backward.'Decided what to do next?' He asked.

'No' she said.

'Come on Janu. I know You and Appa are not an ordinary daughter and Father.He means a Lot to you.His sudden death made a revolt between your heart and mind.But this time you must listen your words of mind.Because your dreams and desires have long way to reach.So just reconstruct your thoughts and feelings which is not well now.' Her brother said.

His long advice reminded Prof.Thomas who educate motivation subject in her B.Sc psychology -first year.But his every words has concern for her studies.

'I can understand.But I need some time for the reconstruction process' she said.

'You have only one week' he shows the call letter from Punjabi University, Patiala

He sensed her disappointment.'At least  you happy for this letter' he said.

'Oh yes' she said and managed a fake smile.'what about you?Is your new company allows you to stay here one more week?' she asked a formal question.

'Manageable.But I will go Delhi soon' he said.

                                                                      . . . .

After 3 days...

The shine rays of Sun makes her to wakes up from the bed.She watched the clock.It shows 6:45.Her 2 hours sleep made her eyes red.She goes to the restroom.

Her phone Beeped.It displays Nivitha's name.

'I will reach your place in 15 mins' Her Whats app message shows.

'So ,Whats up?' Her brother asked from outside of her room.

She looked her brother.

'I already told.I need some time' she said.

'Its already late' he said.

'So tell me..what you want me to do?' she annoyed.

He never mind.'I booked the Air ticket for Chandigarh' He said.

'Okay.Do what you want.There is no one here to stop you' her anger revealed her tough words.

'Aww Janu..Listen my words.I care for you a lot.I am your brother and I have this responsibility to build my little sister career basements.I want you to get the best always' he said and gently patted her shoulder.

She didn't look at his brother.The room remains silence.

'Janu' Nivi's  voice broke the silence.Her brother snapped his fingers and welcomed  Nivi.

'Hi Janu' Nivi said and Her brother stood up for go down.

'Hey!' She said.

'Yeah,Anyway how are you?' Nivi said.

'Mmm' She sighed.

'Hey C'mon Janu,I know my partner is very strong' Nivi said.

'Every strongest person has an ordinary heart' She said.

Nivi breathed heavily and continued 'Of course no one replaces appa's place.But You have responsibilities'.Nivi's voice shows the fondness of her friend.

'Yup..' she said and asked 'Is anna called you?'.

'No..Actually I will go to Kochi in the evening.So before leaving ,I wanna to see my partner's face once' Nivi said.

'Ohhh' She said.

'Is everything fine?' Did you hide anything?'

She smiled and said 'There is nothing to be hide.Anna continuously talk about my admission from PU '.

'Punjabi University? Is call letter came?That is great.When will you go to join?'

'Soon.Maybe tomorrow'.she said.

'I am happy for your admission' Nivi said.

She Sulked.

'I know you are not in a mood to move on other places.But its good for you to stay there and you don't have better chances' her best friend Nivi expressed her suggestion.

She nodded and said 'I know that'

'Mmm. That's my Janu' Nivi said and leaned over her.

Nivi cracked lot of bad jokes to console her.

And finally Nivi said 'I have a friend in Chandigarh.He is working as a production manger in one private company of Chandigarh.I already told  him about you.So if you need any help just asked him' and she continued 'I should have been there with you,I would have motivated you' She laughed.

'Don't make such jokes'

'You will be fine Janu. If you get through your career will be made your desires but I miss you' Nivi's voice trailed off.

Nivi helped her to pack her stuff which is necessary for hostel.The packing made them little tired.It almost 12'o clock.Their empty stomach sounds like repaired grinder.

Her aunt came and asked them to have lunch.

No matter what is the situation whether its bad or good but aunt's Sambar and Rice with vegetable soup made refreshment.Today also its worked. Nivi had one and half cup of soup.

'Is amma had lunch?' Her brother asked.

'Mmm' Aunt said.

Aunt lost his Lovable husband in a accident before 15 years.She has no children.But she never felt for that.Because Arjun, Janu' s brother replaces her children.He always give first priority to his aunt.

'Tomorrow evening you have flight' Her brother said.

She looks her brother.Aunt gently rubbed her hands. Nivi said bye and leave .

          Again the moon came She deeply watched the darkness of the night.She find answers to the tons of interrogations.'Why all these happens in sudden?What is the life's motto?When will my life to be get my silence which I get before?Why death affects people? Why?Why?' Her mind lost the patience.The temper of questions make her  tired.She move on to her Quilt.Her eyes closed but her mind still opened to search answers for that unsolved questions.



Her amma hugged her with her weak hands.Her amma kisses her innocent daughter and she wipes her Amma's tears.She delivered a fake smile to convinced her amma. Her brother urge to prepare herself fast.She saw her aunt and told her take care of her amma. Aunt expressed the 23 years of love towards her niece.It was the first time she leaves her home to stay in hostel.She did her UG  program in B.Sc psychology at her home town.Of course She went lot of places but not like hostel staying.

'Take care my dear' Aunt said and sobbing.She is the strongest lady I have ever seen.She lost her parents in her fifteenth age.Then lost her husband.Now her beloved brother...

She gazed at the photo which is hanging on the wall.The person in the photo frame looks tall and modest.He passed away before 10 days.She reminds her father's words 'Don't quit easily.You are the daughter of Chandra Kanth'.Her eyes tears up.

'C' mon Janu. Its late already' Her brother screamed.

She leaves her home which has lots of her memory.She not only leaves her home,leaves the greenish trees and pleasant air of Pollachi. The driver Started the car as he saw brother's approach.They drove into the CJB (Coimbatore International Airport).The headlights lit up the parking lot.

'Get into the car, Janu. I'll be back in a second' Her brother said.

She waited in the car.Her brother back in five minutes.He signalled the driver to leave.

'You okay?' He asked the same question again and again.

She replied the same answer 'Mmm'.

'Why so quite?' Her brother asked and enter the Airport.

'I always be like that na.' She replied.

Her brother gave an understanding nod.But the truth is he never understands her.

'Keep your tickets in hand or you may tensed when you reached the counter' her brother said.

She get her luggage and ticket from her brother.He gave her a brotherhood hug.

'Call me after you reach Chandigarh' He said and waved a good bye.

She nodded and move on to the Ticket Check-in which is the normal procedure in airport.

A tall man sits in his place at the check-in counter and asked her ticket.She gave her ticket and take a look at him .He is middle-age man.His eyes looks gentle,face looks cleanly shaved marks.A name board on his shirt shows 'Bala ChandraKanth'.She gazed at the name board.No not the name board,she stare at the Block letters of the hanging board.

'Excuse me mam...what is your name?' Mr. Bala ChandraKanth said in his soft-spoken voice.

'Huh?' She startled because of his name.

'your name?' He said.

'Janani..Janani ChandraKanth' She said and confused why he asked her name.May be any verification process.Because its new for her to travel Flight.

'Your ticket' He returned it to her hands.

She move on to the flight.5 hours flight journey is started with his name. Bala ChandraKanth -A beautiful puzzle of her life. B-A-L-A-C-H-A-N-D-R-A-K-A-N-T-H, The 16 letters of word in English.It is not only a big name but also it has biggest secrets of her life.

         Her college days with him waved on her mind.She loves him the most .Though She don't know the quantity of her love because of her slow calculating brain processor,She damn sure that No one in the world  love him that much.She loves him madly deeply from her deep beats of love.He is the one who make her to broke up the relationship with studies and happiness.He convert her intellectual world into mad and craze world.He changes every corner of her life style.

-Bala chandrakanth,an MBBS student.Same college,blocks of MBBS final year and Psychology are neighbors. So she shows her neighborhood  towards him.She added her love with the neighborhood after six months.Most of his batch mates called him 'GURU'.

GURU-Great master.Only the people who have knowledge about everything called as Guru. Rabindranath Tagore called as GURU by Gandhiji. Tagore called Gandhi as Mahathma(the Great soul).It was the events of history terms.The reason for Bala to Guru also has the same story.He called as Guru because of his depth knowledge. Not only he is intellectual but also a very good teacher. 

Of course He is the teacher because he is the one who taught and felt her to fall in love on him.But the teacher is not understand his student mentality.That is why she felt her love alone....


On next chapter story will be continued by her words..

:)She - I






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