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CHECK OUT THE PODCAST WHERE WE READ STORIES LIKE THIS. (If the link does not work then just search in Spotify “Reading Absurd Stories” and then it should pop up with a brown cover.) A regular family living on a lake house ate born again Christian’s and one day two family members start to have very real feeling visions, that little did they know was prophesying the future of their lives.

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Chapter 1: A Life of Familiar Joy

Colby woke up to the gentle rays of the morning sun streaming through his bedroom window. Stretching his arms above his head, he greeted the day with a contented smile. His life was filled with simple joys, and he treasured each moment.

As he made his way downstairs, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air. In the kitchen, his mother, father, and younger sister, Luana, were already gathered around the table, their faces illuminated by warm smiles.

"Good morning, Colby!" his mother chimed, pouring a cup of coffee and placing it in front of him.

"Good morning, Mom," Colby replied, his voice laced with gratitude. He took a sip of the aromatic beverage, reveling in its comforting warmth.

Colby's family owned a small but successful branding business, specializing in crafting personalized logos and designs. It was a labor of love, a testament to their creativity and dedication. Each family member played a vital role in the company's operations, including Colby himself.

After breakfast, Colby set off for their office, a quaint building nestled in the heart of their close-knit community. His days were spent immersed in design projects, pouring his heart and soul into creating beautiful and impactful branding solutions for their clients.

During his breaks, Colby would often retreat to a cozy corner in the office, where a small bookshelf housed his beloved collection of books. He had a particular fondness for classic literature and philosophy, but his deepest connection was with the Bible. Its timeless wisdom resonated with him, offering solace and guidance in the midst of life's complexities.

Colby cherished his quiet moments of reading and reflection, feeling a profound connection with the divine. It was as if the words on those pages breathed life into his soul, shaping his perspectives and nurturing his faith.

Meanwhile, at the family's picturesque lake house, Christian reveled in the thrill of adventure. The lake, with its crystal-clear waters and lush surroundings, held a special place in his heart. It was here that he found solace and inspiration for his wanderlust-filled spirit.

Christian spent his days exploring the woods surrounding the lake, trekking along hidden trails and discovering hidden gems of natural beauty. He marveled at the intricacies of the flora and fauna, capturing moments of awe through the lens of his camera. Photography was his creative outlet, a way to freeze time and share the wonders he encountered.

But it wasn't all play for Christian. He was equally dedicated to the family business, pouring his energy into expanding their brand. His passion for adventure and exploration infused his work, giving it a unique flavor that resonated with their clients.

Back at the lake house, Luana embraced her role as an in-law with love and dedication. She had married into the family, but she had always felt like a true sister, welcomed with open arms from the start. Her gentle and compassionate nature endeared her to everyone she encountered.

Luana found joy in the simple pleasures of life, relishing in the moments spent at the lake house with her loved ones. Whether it was preparing meals together, sharing heartfelt conversations on the porch swing, or simply enjoying the peacefulness of the surroundings, she cherished the bonds that held their family together.

Just like Colby and Christian, Luana played an essential role in the family business. Her attention to detail and strong work ethic made her an invaluable asset. She poured her heart into ensuring that every project met their clients' expectations, infusing each design with a touch of her own artistic flair.

As the sun began to set, casting vibrant hues across the sky, Colby, Christian, and Luana found themselves reunited at the lake house. They shared stories of their day, laughter echoing through the walls as they reveled in the warmth of family and the blessings of a life filled with purpose.

As they sat together, the lake gently lapping against the shore, they marveled at the beauty of their interconnected lives. Each day brought new adventures, cherished moments of creativity and love. It was in the simplicity of their existence that they found true happiness.

Little did they know, their lives were about to take an unexpected turn. Challenges and triumphs awaited them, testing their resolve and deepening their bonds. But for now, in this idyllic chapter of their lives, Colby, Christian, and Luana reveled in the beauty of a life well-lived, grateful for the love and joy that surrounded them.

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