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In addition to being a writer by trade, Rudra Roy also leads a double life. He enjoys solving mysteries and incorporating them into his writings. And this time he is going to the sandy land of India, also known as 'The Land of Kings'—Rajasthan—where a curse is waiting for him that holds many secrets with it.

Aventure Tout public.

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Year 1964, a very intriguing and enigmatic state in India that continues to be well-known now because of its forts and the legends surrounding the residents who formerly inhabited them.But some stories were so scary that they were not allowed to appear on the pages of history.People can conceal legends, but not the curses they contain.The curse that imprisoned the kingdom of Akal for 226 years has forced the royal dynasty of Akal to view the dead bodies of their own family members.

In the moonlight, the plains of Akal appeared somewhat dry, and the mirrors outside each clay-coated cottage reflected the moon's reflection.A pair of young males who appeared to be approximately 19 years old were standing outside one of them and speaking softly with one another."I'll eventually leave the village thanks to my nighttime meetings with you."One of them said sarcastically.

"My day does not go by without telling you everything, even if I am not permitted to visit your village during the day."The other boy chuckled.

"Starting today, Madhav will be in charge of keeping watch; if anyone sees me with you, I will also have to leave the community, just like you."

"Although I'm aware, since I was a child, I've only had you as a friend. My parents are no longer with me."He smiled looking at the sky, but the sadness was clearly visible in the smile.

"Keep your emotions in check Nirmal, nothing in the law can sever our friendship.Well you should get married."

"At the moment you think about your marriage, did you see her again?"Nirmal asked him.

"Who, Kamla? Yes, I saw her this morning with her mother fetching water from the well."

"Did you talk to her?"

"No, I'm not that brave."

"Manoj, If you don't communicate with her, how will she know how you feel about her and what you think of her?"

"I am afraid....I am afraid because she is much better than me.She works in the palace that too for the princess."Manoj said in a sad tone.

"Does she really work for the princess?"


"To see the princess everyday. She's incredibly gorgeous; I wish I had been lucky enough to have this position instead of her."In a dreamy tone, Nirmal said.

"Yes, that's true... wait when did you see the princess?"

"Three days, maybe two days ago,when she was going towards that old fort with some of her Firangi friends..."

"What! the old fort. Why didn't you stop them?"

"I tried to stop her but she said something to me in English and left"

"What did she say?"

"Something like '𝘗𝘢𝘳𝘷.. parbt'(Pervert)"

"What, '𝘗𝘢𝘳𝘷𝘢𝘵'(mountain)? But you are shorter than me... " That's when, "Aaa... 𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘰𝘯!(Hey boys)"A shout came from behind them.An elderly man wearing a thin red cover over his blue kurta, who appeared to be quite old, was holding a lamp in one hand and a long-thick stick in the other.The lines on his head were concealed by a talisman he wore. "What are you whispering while standing here? Don't you know how dangerous it can be to be out at night?If both of you have finished whispering, then go to your home immediately. If her whisper reaches your ears, then you will not be alive to utter a word. Now go!"

"Yes...we were just leaving" Manoj said.

"Don't turn back if someone calls"The elderly man warned in a stern tone and left from there.

"Hashh...he didn't recognize you"Manoj said and sighed.

"It's late at night, so I suppose I should leave now."Nirmal said, fear was evident in his voice.

"You are scared, isn't it" Manoj said with a laugh.

"No, however there are some genuinely spooky nights before the full moon."

"Okay, I understand. So see you tomorrow."Manoj started leaving after saying this.Nirmal cautiously advances on the road leading out of the village. That's when, "Nirmal!"Manoj's shout is heard from behind.His heart pounded, he quickly turned back.

"Don't look back"Manoj said with a laugh. He was making fun of Nirmal's fear.

"Huh..."Nirmal turns back and slowly starts going out of the village.Gusts of cold wind were hitting his face.He was thinking about the most painful moments of his life while walking. 'Wishing I came from a higher caste', 'I wish my parents were still alive then things would not have been so bad', He was thinking all this, that's when, "Nirmal"Someone called him.The voice was so captivating that he could not stop his steps from stopping.Although he had heard this voice before, his ability to think was hindered by how pleasant it sounded. "Nirmal", This time, he could not stop himself from turning back.As soon as he turned back, his eyes were stunned. There was a creepy thing standing behind him that looked like a black shadow in the dark.That shadow was as ominous as that voice was lovely.Nirmal was the target of those crimson eyes' frightening gaze.Nirmal's feet had grown cold.He wanted to shout, but he couldn't find his voice.That black shadow slowly came closer to Nirmal.His breath was leaving him, he was screaming but his screams were too weak to wake anyone up. After a brief struggle, even these weak screams were buried in the darkness of the night. This life was snatched away in that terrible night as though it had made its own decision to end.The soft light of the moon was exposing Nirmal's lifeless body lying on the ground in the darkness of the night, and that shadow was lost somewhere in the darkness.

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